By Peter Ssebulime

On its weekly purely Pan-African debates, The Pan-African Pyramid will this Friday of 21st/7/2017 host the mighty Redpepper’s cum e2 Young engineers Uganda’s director Mr.Arinaitwe Rugyendo and veteran Educationist Mr.Fagil Mande as the night’s guest panelists to discuss the topic: Tackling youth unemployment through creation of a skilled innovative Africa by 2040 by application of Science Technology Economic (STEM).

“With the emerging global village competition in every sphere of life, African youth can not compete favorably with a Chinese youth on a road construction contract because the Chinese has grown up not practicing it,but has even grown up manufacturing the machinery that he uses on the road construction.  This module I have got from Israel that we’re implementing at our e2 Young Engineers Uganda aims at closing some of those gaps,” Rugyendo explained on phone while contact to confirm attendance.

e2 Young Engineers’ MD Arinaitwe Rugyendo (L) and FameCon’s veteran Educationist Fagil Mande

e2 Young Engineers  programe was designed in Israel targeting to equip young children as early as 4 years with science and technology skills.The module technically targets the next generation.

The debate that takes place every Friday evening at Fairway Hotel from 5-9pm attracts mainly renown Pan-Africanists likes prof.Kajabago Karusoke, Fagil Mande,rtd.Justice Patrick Tabaro, lawyer George Alenyo among others,and is hosted by its founder Speaker/Chairman Andrew Irumba Katusabe.

The debate also attracts the young generation mainly from universities and higher learning institutions around Kampala that espouse the values and aspirations of Pan-Africanism.

The Pan-African Pyramid is an intellectual non-partisan discussion forum built on the pillars of Pan-Africanism, patriotism and nationalism whose ideal/pre-occupation is to revive intellectual discourse among the youths with a bias of re-constructing our lost Pan-Africanism, patriotism and nationalism values and spirit.

The platform is also in charge of organizing annual Pan-African Global Awards aimed at recognizing outstanding works of various Pan-Africanists across the world, both past and present. This year’s event is on 26/8/2017 at Fairway Hotel.

Mr.Rugyendo,an inspirational speaker and a darling to the young generation, especially media practitioners and students also pledged to take the audience through his life’s story of how he grew up as needy child to now becoming a director to second biggest private media company in Uganda, Pepper Publications Ltd  (after Nation Media group), CEO Business magazine,e2 Young Engineers Uganda and owns various properties in town.

“Inlife,I have come to realize that  limitations are merely man-made. What you are,is exactly the extent of how you think and do. If I had thought that I’m already cursed because of the conditions under which I was born, I would indeed be exactly that”, observed Mr.Rugyendo.

Rugyendo is also a fellow at Desmond Tutu and CransMontana forum as a young African entrepreneur.

He joins the long list of other distinguished guests that have graced this fastest growing Pan-African platform,among others;Gen.Elly Tumwine,Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Hon.Alex Ruhunda,Justice Patrick Tabaaro (rtd),Prof.Kajabago Ka-rusoke,Minister Ann Maria Nankabirwa, Mr.Vinay Dawda (MD Britania),Dr.Hasmukh Dawda(C/man House of Dawda), Fagil Mande, Lawyer Nicholas Opio to mention but afew. Entrance is free to all.

These debates are powered by Fairway Hotel, Splash,Levy Africa,General Petroleum and Aspire life. an accessible web community

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