Parents Accuse Police Of Freeing Kidnappers Who Gang-Raped Their Daughter

Parents Accuse Police Of Freeing Kidnappers Who Gang-Raped Their Daughter an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Jinja: Two parents in Jinja municipality are accusing cops at Buwenge police post of allegedly conniving with suspects who kidnapped their 19-year-old daughter and gang raped her.

Jalia Nakisige, who was a student teacher, was allegedly kidnapped by the suspects in early May 2019. After going missing for several days a frantic search by friends and relatives was mounted but they failed to find her.  Later the kidnappers called Nakisige’s uncle Mirajj Baluku, who in turn relayed the news to the victim’s mother Halima Nangobi. The suspects thereafter called Nakisige’s mother severally, tormenting her without asking for ransom  like most kidnappers usually do. They remained with the girl  and later dumped her at their home on May 5th, 2019. Her parents reveal that the victim was found in a terrible state, unable to  walk or talk and had all signs of trauma. “She had a huge cut on the head and her tongue was swollen. When I tried washing her she signaled to me that her private parts were hurting”, Nangobi revealed. Since the abductors did not ask for money, Nangobi suspects it could have

been a ritualistic misdeed or personal witch- hunt. Nakisige’s medical forms indicate that her genitals bore bruises, a sign that she had been subjected to forceful intercourse. Her parents reported a case registered vide CRB 74/2019 at Buwenge police station and investigation into charges relate to abduction and rape commenced. But parents of the victim say investigations into this matter which occurred on the 2nd of May 2019 are taking long and haven’t yielded any results to date. However, Nakisige’s parents complain that they have not received justice and that instead of police taking the suspects who were arrested to court for prosecution, they were released. The victim’s mother, Nangobi, 35, says that “The police arrested suspects some time back but every time I go there they just toss me around.” She added that to her shock, one of the prime suspects, a one Umaru, has since been released under unclear circumstances, yet he should been taken to court by police.

Umaru was arrested in May by detectives from Maga–Maga Police post together with Hassan aka Jajja Mulangira, a  witchdoctor for allegedly abducting and gang raping Nakisige, but the case has since stalled. Nangobi “I was told that the file had been returned from the state attorney’s office but charges had been altered. But upon pressing a one Muyanda, the officer in charge of this case, I was told that Umaru was released in order to lead them to those at large,  including a one Namboozo.” It said Umaru’s phone was used by the abductors to make calls to Nangobi and Baluku. However, our Spies who  tried to access the case file at Buwenge police were told by cops there that the file is being handled by CID officer Berna Nandugga, who  wasn’t available at the moment to give a comment. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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