Passengers Cry Foul Over Link Bus Overloading

Passengers Cry Foul Over Link Bus Overloading an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Travelers plying the western Uganda route using Link Buses are crying foul, accusing the bus operators of overloading them.

A Britania Allied Ind.Ltd staff, one of the affected passengers who often uses their bus as  she goes about her marketing tasks a few days back got in touch with  TheSpy  Uganda and narrated her ordeal thus; “Link has the worst customer service care of late when it comes to everything moving from worse to worst.

The conductor issuing more tickets to passengers to board already over loaded Bus

Trust me, poor customer care services is not only in Gov’t, it has trickled down to even private companies like Link. Guys this morning I was traveling from Kampala to Kasese but I cursed myself. You cannot imagine the experience. I have often used this bus but let me give you a piece of advice; they have the worst services lately. And when I say worst I really  mean worst. They piled us like cows in a kraal, the bus was full to the brim, these guys had packed us with some very shabby, dirty, stinky; guys it was really that very horrible and bad. Trust me it is the worst experience I’ve ever gotten,” the passenger whose names we shall not reveal narrated.

Passengers sitting in the bus corridor

She continued thus; “I started throwing up and trust me this so called supervisors that they put are equally as useless, because despite our continuous complaints, he didn’t even bother to do anything.  The only thing that they are good for lately is just making money and profits because I guess it was the main objective for piling us like cattle and they have ceased giving the premium service that they used to. Please board it at your own risk. No wonder lately the buses are always getting accidents even the driving we guess is no longer good simply because they don’t respect customers’ value anymore. The management and staff of Link you better do something about your staffs and re-check your values otherwise some of us have ceased being your customers from today onwards.”

However, efforts to contact Link Bus management for a comment about the matter were futile as they couldn’t be reached through their known phone numbers. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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