Police Arrest ‘Tycoon’ Bryan White Over Suspected Stolen Vehicles

Police Arrest ‘Tycoon’ Bryan White Over Suspected Stolen Vehicles

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Things are not good at all for former self-proclaimed city ‘tycoon’ Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White, who was dishing out money to ghetto youth and boda-boda riders a few months ago.

The latest we have is that Bryan White spent last night at Kireka based Rapid Response Unit, where he was being grilled by cops to explain how he acquired the Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) which were in his possession before they were seized by bailiffs.

 Trouble for Bryan White started  when police and bailiffs raided his home in Bunga on Friday, from where they confiscated  vehicles which included a Toyota Lexus, Mercedes Benz Brabus, Toyota Hilux, furniture, jewelry and other stuff, after  he failed to clear debts amounting to over Shs900m.

However, shortly after bailiffs had seized his property, the police arrested Bryan White and drove him to the Rapid Response Unit base in Kireka, where he spent the night being grilled.

But shortly after his arrest, several people he owes money showed up. Among them is former Member of Parliament  Mike Mukula, who said Bryan owes him over Shs260m, which is balance for a var he sold him sometime back.

Captain Mukula  said he demands Shs260m, from Bryan White after he sold him a Mercedes Benz at Shs360m but he paid Shs100m and failed to clear the rest.

He  took many things from people but didn’t pay. Mukula said “Bryan uses the name of State House to get loans from people which he later fails to pay. He over hyped his level. He owes money to a lot of people. All I want is him to return my car. It’s not good for people to use the President’s name that way.”

Mukula also said that Bryan tried to defraud another city dealer and businessman only identified as Matovu, who gave him cars on credit and he failed to pay.

A police officer only in Kireka only identified as Twine said that “Bryan is a conman, who forged papers showing that he had paid Shs900m for the cars, yet the money was for old cars.

He has to explain how he got the vehicles and if found culpable he will be taken to Court.”

We have learnt however that  Interpol detectives also want Bryan While to explain how he got the vehicles which were seized because they are suspected to have been stolen from abroad and sneaked into Uganda.

 However it also emerged that his landlord also demands several months’ arrears from him. He is still in jail and is to be produced in court on Tuesday.

But Bryan  White claims to be demanding Shs70Bn from President Yoweri Museveni, which he allegedly spent on youth during his projects.

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