Police Finally Releases Journalist-Turned Pastor Kabuleta

Police Finally Releases Journalist-Turned Pastor Kabuleta

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By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Former Journalist-turned pastor Joseph Kabuleta has been released on police bond after spending four nights in coolers. Kabuleta was arrested on Friday 12 July 2019 and charged with offensive communication.

In a statement released by the Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga after his arrest, he said Kabuleta posted offensive messages against the president on social media referring to him as a thief and gambler.
“According to preliminary information, the writer (Kabuleta) posted grossly offensive messages, under “Joseph Kabuleta Weekly Rant Returns” referring to the fountain of honour as a “Gambler, Thief and Liar”. Section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act, 2011 criminalises such acts of communication,”Enanga said.

Section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act, 2011, criminalizes such acts of communication.

The journalist-turned preacher, will according to our sources continue to report himself to police until investigations into his case are complete.

On July 8, at 7:05PM, Kabuleta made a lengthy Facebook post titled “Mafia Empire and the transition (Joseph Kabuleta’s Weekly Rant Returns) where he questioned whether the first son, Maj.Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the ‘don’ of the new era.

In the post, Kabuleta alleged that Muhoozi is being positioned to be the next president but he has nothing to offer expect being his father’s son.
According to the police spokesperson, detectives are still investigating Kabuleta’s conduct in a bid to get more information regarding the offence.

He cautioned members of the public against glorifying such communication through social media saying that social media platforms are not protected and any false fabrications will attract punishment in accordance with the law.
“The public is further advised to think first about what they say on social media. The joint forces will continue using the acquired capabilities to monitor comments on social media and any offenders will be investigated and punished,” Enanga noted.

Kabuleta now joins the likes of Stella Nyanzi on the list of the people who are in incarceration on charges of offensive communication against the person of the President.

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