Police Hunt For Hajji Lugobe For Sending Death Threats To Businessman Over Shs100m Debt

Police Hunt For Hajji Lugobe For Sending Death Threats To Businessman Over Shs100m Debt

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By Spy Uganda

Spy Uganda reported this week about former tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero’s in-law Hajji Ibrahim Fahad Lugobe, who jumped bond after being arrested for issuing bounced cheques to city businessman Yusuf Stanley Mutyaba.

Hajji Lugobe allegedly owes Mutyaba money worth over Shs100m but he gave him four cheques to be drawn on his (Lugobe) accounts in Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays (Absa) bank but they all bounced apparently.

Case of threatening violence reported against Hajji Fahad Lugobe

After the cheques bounced, Lugobe, who was formerly married to Mutaasa’s daughter Mastulah Mutaasa, was arrested vide file SD Ref 27/26/09/19 of CPS but later released on bond after promising to pay the money as soon as possible but he has since been playing monkey tricks.

But the latest we have is that he Lugobe has allegedly started sending threats to Mutyaba ever since he was exposed in the media.Mutyaba claims that instead of paying his money, Lugobe is threatening to finish him off if he doesn’t back off him.

As a result of threats on his life,  Mutyaba has since filed a case of threatening violence  against Lugobe  vide file number  SD Ref 26/03/12/2019 of Kampala Central Police station.
The bounced cheques include;No.1115529100 of Shs34.2m on Standard Chartered bank A/c 0101115529100, dated 19/09/2019.

No.6005770511 of Shs19m on Barclay’s Bank A/c 00001104013747 dated 10/11/2019.
No. 1115529100 of Shs22.8m on Standard Chartered A/c 00000501080247 dated 19/06/2019.

No. 6005770511 of Shs26.6m on Barclay’s Bank A/c 00000804013747 dated 19/09/2019.

Meanwhile, Lugobe also wrote another agreement pledging to pay Mutyaba Shs15.2M on October 19, 2019 and another Shs19M on November 19, 2019, which he never did.

However, efforts to secure a comment from Lugobe about the allegations were futile after he was said to have gone into hiding on learning that the police are hunting for him.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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