Proline Forfeits Game Against SC Villa

Proline Forfeits Game Against SC Villa an accessible web community

By Brian Bariyo Tumuramye

Confusion between Proline FC, Uganda Premier League (UPL) and Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) resulted into the latter failing to turn up at KCCA stadium for the game against SC Villa.

Following their failure to turn up for the game, the club risks being docked points and or even getting demoted.

Proline refused to honour their game citing two reasons; having two players – Mustafa Mujjuzi and Bright Anukani on national duty and also forcing them to play during an international FIFA break.

Although their argument holds water in regards to the international break, they are wrong about the number of players on national team that necessitates postponement of the match.  

Article 19 of the FUFA Competitions Rules in regard to Status, Transfer and Registration of Players, section 26 states that;

  • If a club has three (3) or more players in the national team, the fixtures involving such a club may be called off three (3) days before and three (3) days after the national team engagement if it is to be played in Uganda maybe called off three (3) days before departure and three (3) days after return from engagement outside Uganda.
  • 27) A club that has three (3) or more players with the national team may request in writing to continue with its fixtures without the player and the respective TOC shall allow the fixture

In addition, Article 24 that talks about Fixtures management and Fulfilment, section 4 states that;

  • A club failing to turn up for any league/competition shall submit a written explanation to the TOC within forty eight hours from the date of the match.
  • 5) If a club fails to submit a written explanation as provided for in Article 24 (5) above shall be demoted to the next immediate level.
  • 8) If explanation is not accepted, the defaulting club shall be fined by TOC in addition;
  • 9) Lose the match by forfeiture and shall be docked six points (6) and six (6) goals from the already accumulated or to be accumulated in the event the defaulting club is the home club.

Already this season, Police lost its game against Onduparaka after failure to honour the game and were docked three points and three goals. an accessible web community

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