‘Raymond Was Too Lazy For The Task, Couldn’t Match Our Speed’-Source

‘Raymond Was Too Lazy For The Task, Couldn’t Match Our Speed’-Source

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By Our Reporter

For the very first time since his departure from NBS TV, a dependable source at the station, who preferred anonymity has finally let the cat out as to why seasoned journalist cum Rights Activist Raymond Mujuni ‘left’ was the Kamwokya based Next Media services Ltd which owns NBS TV.

According to very impeccable source at NBS TV, Mujuni was so lazy and couldn’t match the pace at the workstation, given his natural ‘lay back’ character.

“Raymond actually was given a soft landing and was requested to resign so he could go with his CV intact in order to protect him since he is still a young man,” source said.

It added thus; “You see, according to the contract, Raymond was supposed to do six investigative stories every year which converts into at least one every sixty days, but he failed flat on this task, what would management do? We had to let him go, but we gave him a soft landing by asking him to resign. He is still a young man, we can’t spoil his image, that’s how we do our thing here NBS by the way,” boasted the source.

If this ‘clarification’ is to go by, it now clears the rumours that have been making rounds that the Four-eyed, softspoken youthful Mutooro from King Oyo’s land of beauty had left NBS TV due to inadequate salary and other emoluments.

As if this source wanted to hit two birds with one stone, it used the same opportunity and went ahead to clarify about rumours that Solomon Serwanja was also on his way out.

According to this credible source, after clearing its voice for a more crystal clear voice sound, it re-assured NBS fans that the Comlar Adunoir award winner was going nowhere.

“My friend let me tell you, some people just find comfort in just talking. But to put the record straight, Solomon Serwanja is very much here. He is very hard-working and all his line bosses are happy with his works. Our offers and the good environment for creativity and self-actualization we give to our young talented generation is what attracts them to keep moving on, not street talk and empty promises,” the source noted.

Raymond Mujuni Back At NTV With Renewed Energies

We have since learnt that Raymond re-united with his Serena based NTV family,where he was before he crossed to NBS. Here at TheSpy Uganda we wish him all the best caali.

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