Row Rages Sheema LC5 Aspiring Family After Announcing Interest In 2020/2021 General Election

Row Rages Sheema LC5 Aspiring Family After Announcing Interest In 2020/2021 General Election an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: The family of Mzee Erimonsi Buhanda and wife Gemmimah Tumwijuukye Buhanda from Kyabandaara ward, Sheema Municipality is torn into pieces over wife’s declaration to participate in the 2020/2021 general election.

According to Mr. Buhanda, his wife Gemmimah Tumwijuukye who is the former deputy Speaker Bushenyi district is too irresponsible, aged and unhealthy to run the LCV seat  instead she should be mentoring young people into politics.

“She has got all opportunities in politics because she spent many years in politics, we have already educated our children whereby out of 6, four of them heads big government offices in and outside Sheema district, our grand children have also started working for the government so what is she looking for ?” Buhanda asked.

On top of that Buhanda accuse his wife that she is too old to go back in politics saying that when she drives a long distance she returns crying over paining legs. “Now I ask myself what does she want in politics?, Others will vote her but me, I can’t.

After an agreement he made with his wife never to go back in politics, Mr Buhanda says it is shocking to hear that she is joining again this time without even his consent.

He adds “I called a family meeting and her children asked her to step down but she refused and since then i expelled all political meetings and gatherings from my home until she learns consulting me instead of taking notice, she opened an office in Kabwohe Town.”

Mr Buhanda persistently asserted that his wife can’t manage the district at her 61 age, saying that the position is above her adding that she is already lazy to an extent of failing to cater for her family.

“I usually tell her that she should use her political experience to support eligible leaders and win elections, As Sheema district we haven’t yet reached at a lower level of being led by an aged woman like my wife, this can’t be accepted in a model district like Sheema,” Buhanda Erimonsi

In response Ms. Gemmimah Tumwijuukye revealed that it isn’t a mandate to be supported by her family adding that when one joins politics not every one must support her.

“My family can’t disrupt my political career, I’m well embarked by most of the youths who call me mummy they have already brought in their proposals. I must win this seat without fear or favor” Gemmimah said.

Titus Tinkamanyire the area Councillor LCV advised the couple to have respect for their family and sort their matters at family level.

So far Gemimmah is to compete with Mwesigye Elidard, Laban Muhaabwe and Canon David Kabigumira Omutahunga the current Sheema district Local Council Five (LCV). an accessible web community

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