Sheema District Education Boss Vows to Arrest Drunk Teachers

Sheema District Education Boss Vows to Arrest Drunk Teachers an accessible web community

By Atwakiire Micheal

SHEEMA, Uganda: Sheema District Education Officer Mr. Nshabiirwe Esau Willy has vowed to arrest corrupt heads of schools and daily drunkard teachers.

Nshabiirwe accused some teachers especially those in government schools based in rural areas of drunkardness during teaching times which he said has largely promoted the performance decline in government schools. He urged the parents to report all drunkard teachers to him or nearest police station Nshabiirwe also accused some headteachers of corruption, with little show for any accountability to either parents or government officials. “This year, 2019 ,any headteacher caught in corruption saga, will lose a job immediately,” he warned. The DEO also condemned the act of segregation by some heads of schools of separating the dull from the clever ones, saying whoever is caught will be dealt with accordingly. He asked those who didn’t get first grades last year to pull up their socks and make sure that this year, they can be able to get one.

According to the statistics, Sheema district excluding municipalities ranked the best tied with Wakiso district with 26.6% and when including municipalities, was ranked in the 5th position. This compared to the previous performances in 2017, showed a great increase in performance. an accessible web community

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