Sheema District Khadi Warns Youth On Quick Wealth

Sheema District Khadi Warns Youth On Quick Wealth an accessible web community

By Atwakiira Micheal

Sheema, Uganda: The New Year message for the youth in Sheema district, if adhered to well, will be a great one. The district Khadi has urged the youth to concentrate on hard work rather than thinking of quick wealth.

Speaking at Kabwohe Moslem Mosque on New Year’s Eve, Sheikh Abdumajidu Kamara, asked youths to avoid short cut incomes and concentrate on hardworking.

Sheikh Kamara said that most of the youths these days waste their time in un constructive things such as betting, looking for sugar daddies and mummies with the aim of getting quick riches which he said is deadly and harmful to their lives.
“I have never seen a business where you invest shs1000 and get 10 million, even the Quran says it that we shall be rewarded from our sweat,” he said.

2019 being a year of election campaigns, Kamara said that Sheema district is famous for voting according to religions. He gave a word of caution to the voters to talk less especially against the candidates they don’t support.

“Keep calm and at the end of the day choose an eligible leader that will provide services for you,” he advised. “let others talk much as they can but never at one time disagree with them, attend campaigns and you filter who to vote whom you think will deliver you services, ” said Kamara.

He requested people to protect natural resources like wetlands, forests etc and asked those in authorities in charge of the natural resources to stop taking bribes from people who want to destruct the natural resources.

The Sheikh also took time to tour Kabwohe town to engage with the youth in the town who indulge in sports betting as a quick means to earning wealth.

In three betting halls he visited: namely” Kings sports betting, Fortbet and Fair betting, almost 93% of the youth he found were aged between 18 – 30 years.
In disco clubs like Channel 4, Labs and Clinka almost 68% were youths between 15 years to 30 years.

He also made visits to churches, at St. Rose Catholic Church where more than 23% of the congregation were youths, while at All Saints church Kabwohe (for protestants) the majority of the congregation were youth. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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