Sheema Leaders Cautioned About Voters

Sheema Leaders Cautioned About Voters an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: Leaders in Sheema district have been cautioned to deeply study and understand their voter or else they are in big trouble. This revelation was made by  Mwebesa on Tuesday April 23rd, 2019, at Clinka Gardens in Kabwohe town, during the congratulation ceremony for Dr. Nicholas Mwebaze Mwebesa, 36, who attained a  PHD in governance and regional integration from Pan African University, Cameroon.

Dr Mwebesa warned Sheema leaders to be mature in politics and be good examples of others. “Let’s stop immature politics, you should know that disagreements and agreements are normal. Therefore, leaders, stop concentrating only on objective discussions and your diehard supporters, but also your opponents’ views.” He added that  “Let’s learn to be open and broad to the public no matter the extent to which you love your political party or leader. You should be neutral but not a public relations officer.” He noted that if the leaders ] don’t study and understand the human dimensions of people they lead in various capabilities, financially, academically, culturally and religiously, they are likely to face it rough from the public. “You should know the people you lead religiously, culturally, academically and financially, make sure you involve them in all government programs or activities from the starting point. If people resist any activity in their society, don’t force them and never ambush people with your government activities no matter how good they are. First consult them before starting  the projects.”

In relation to Dr. Mwebesa’s  words , on April 17th,  2019 at Kashanjure primary school in Sheema district, Hon. Jacklet Rwabukurukuru Atuhaire, the Woman MP Sheema district, warned David Kabigumira, the Chairman LC V Sheema district, to stop his cheap politics of attacking his fellow leaders at every function  he goes. Mzee Emmanuel Mwebesa, a businessman and famous Pan Africanist in western Uganda, asked the youth to use their young age profitably and attain what they want as early as possible. Abel Kahara Atucungwiire, the Mayor Sheema municipality, advised fellow leaders and the entire society to stop segregating each other basing on constituencies, sub counties and divisions but to be united for the betterment of their future. an accessible web community

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