Shock As Thieves Steal 40 Inch TV Set From Jinja Police Station

Shock As Thieves Steal 40 Inch TV Set From Jinja Police Station an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda
It is crazy but true that  thieves in Uganda can steal from anywhere and anyone, including breaking into police stations.

As you read this, detectives at Jinja Police Station are investigating  circumstances under which thieves broke into the station and stole a 40 Inch TV set non Monday night.

It should be noted that Jinja Police Station is one of the most heavily guarded stations because of its location in the middle of Jinja town and works 24 hours.

However, it’s not clear how thugs broke in and stole the flat screen TV that was discovered missing on Monday morning, yet no cop knew how it had disappeared.

But it should be noted that this is not the first time thugs are breaking into a Ugandan police station  to rob.

A few years back the nation was thrown into shock after  it emerged that unknown thugs had broken into the armoury at Central Police Station, Kampala and stolen hundreds of guns from there.

To date  it’s not yet clear whether the stolen guns were later recovered or not. But meanwhile, the hunt is on for the thugs who stole the TV  from Jinja Road Police, despised the fact that police spokesman Patrick Onyango is yet to issue a statement about this shaming vice of thieves stealing police. an accessible web community

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