Shocking Secrets About Nwagi Maid Torture Scandal Emerge, Swangz Avenue Bosses Petitioned

Shocking Secrets About Nwagi Maid Torture Scandal Emerge, Swangz Avenue Bosses Petitioned an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

This week Spy Uganda published an article revealing how singer Winnie Nakanwagi aka Nwagi, of Swangz Avenue, had been summoned by police to answer charges of torture and assault.

Nwagi’s maid Scovia narrating her story in hospital

According to Deputy police spokesperson Luke Oweyesigire, Nwagi was reported at Kikaaya police post by her maid identified as Scovia Nalwoga, who is currently undergoing medical attention at a health facility in Kampala.

Nwagi beat the maid because of a water bottle

The maid told police that Nwagi clobbered her, simply because she (Scovia), had borrowed her Boss’ water bottle without permission.

She said that “Nwagi beat me, simply because I had borrowed her water bottle. She used an empty wine bottle to hit me on the head, in the chest and back. I sustained injuries and I’m feeling a lot of pain.”

She added that “After beating me, Nwagi threw me out of her house and threw my clothes at me, but refused to give me my money, Shs120,000, which was in my bag, plus my phone and radio.”

However, when our Spy talked to Nwagi, she did not deny assaulting the maid, but instead made more threats, before telling the Spy and maid not to disturb her!

” You will not get any money from me you fool! You think you can blackmail me? No I’m the wrong one. If you want money, work for it but don’t blackmail me!”  Nwagi shouted at Scovia when she had gone to claim her stuff and money.

Meanwhile, our Spy has learnt that Sovia’s minder only identified as  Ibra appealed to Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze to at least pay for the assaulted maid’s medical bills.

However, Kyazze told him that they only deal with Nwagi when it comes to music and booking shows, but not her domestic issues, because those are personal matters.

But it should be noted that Nwagi seems to be a very aggressive woman, because at one time she clobbered a reveller at a city night club who was filming her performance on stage. After clobbering the guy, she grabbed the phone smashed it and furiously stamped it.

Despite the fact that she was summoned to police, Nwagi is yet to report to record a statement and give her side of the story.

Watch this space for Nwagi’s other dark secrets and why men keep running away from her an accessible web community an accessible web community

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