Star Bebe Cool Tasks Police To Arrest City Trader For Brutalising ‘Cheating’ Wife

Star Bebe Cool Tasks Police To Arrest City Trader For Brutalising ‘Cheating’ Wife an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

celebrated musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has called upon the police to arrest Prince Martin Juuko, a city businesman who tied his wife Brenda Namuyomba and brutalised her, for allegedly cheating on him.

Spy Uganda today reported about the brutal case of domestic violence after Juuko posted on social media pictures of Namuyomba still tied up, with bruises and wounds all over her body.

Juuko, who runs tho shops in Kampala, claims that he gave Namuyomba, a mother of their three kids, all the things a woman would want from a man like a car, business and bungalow but she keeps cheating on him. reason why he decided to tie her up and beat her like cow.

Bebe Cool’s post about the domestic violence

However, Bebe Cool is so angry with Juuko’s brutality towards his wife and has thus called upon the police to arrest the trader for what he did to Namuyomba.

As a way of speaking out about domestic violence against women and condemnation of Juuko’s acts, Bebe Cool wrote thus on social media on Saturday;

“I don’t know what I would do to my wife if i found out she’s cheating on me but certainly not this,not beating her to this level surely in today’s era with all options,you can choose to kill your self but not someone’s daughter.
I want to join the general public in condemning this act of violence and ask UGANDA POLICE to arrest this animal and charge it with attempted murder.
I know sometimes some women call for that much trouble in relationships but still not this level. Two wrongs don’t make it any better.

Brenda Namuyomba being being brutalised
Brenda Namuyomba being being brutalised

I stand for empowering women not using excessive power/force against them unless if they are extremely a nuisance and can endanger other innocent lives.”

However, it is not yet clear whether Namuyomba has filed any charges against Juuko or reported the matter to police. an accessible web community

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