Suspect Confesses Why He Murdered IHK Doctor

Suspect Confesses Why He Murdered IHK Doctor an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: A man suspected to have murdered Dr. Catherine Agaba, a medic who went missing a few days ago has finally spoken out, revealing why he murdered her. Dr. Agaba, who was working with (International Hospital Kampala) IHK, disappeared on April 13th, 2019  and her whereabouts remained unknown until Saturday when her body was recovered by police in a septic tank at a house she was renting in Muyenga. The body was recovered after the police arrested a guard identified as Kenny Ronald Obony alias Obangakene, who had fled to Apach.  Kampala Matropolitan Police mouthpiece Patrick Onyango revealed that Agaba’s body was recovered after Obony led the police to the septic tank where it had been dumped. According to preliminary investigations, Obony allegedly killed Agaba for allegedly reporting him to his boss. “I killed her because she always reported me to my boss,” the suspected killer is said to have told police detectives. Onyango said on Monday that Obony, who was arrested over the weekend, led police detectives to where her body was dumped.Prior to her death, Agaba was renting an apartment on a block of rentals owned Ibrahim Kiwanuka, who is a prime minister of the Kamuswaga.

Agaba’s Profile

Information this Website has got indicates that Agaba was born on August 29th,  1991 and that she had always dreamed of being a doctor since childhood. After High School, she was admitted to Mbarara University of Science and Technology where she pursued a degree in medicine and surgery. Upon graduation she joined International Hospital Kampala where she had already impressed her fellow doctors and patients as an awesome doctor. Patients cannot forget her healing hands. She was always jovial, yet super professional. She brought that human touch to the hospital. Because of her dedication to her workplace, she’d rented a house nearby in Muyenga, not knowing that it would end up as her death trap. Although Obony led the police to where Agaba’s body had been dumped, it is however suspected that he was an accomplice in her murder. Earlier this week police arrested her USA based boyfriend, a fellow doctor identified as Andrew Ntambi to help with investigations. However, now that the body has been recovered, the detectives have to quiz all the suspects in custody so as to establish Agaba’s actual killers and why they murdered her, before parading them in court. an accessible web community

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