Teso Kampala Carnival Set To Unite Thousands Of Iteso Across All Regions

Teso Kampala Carnival Set To Unite Thousands Of Iteso Across All Regions

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By Samuel Opio

The 3rd edition of Teso Kampala Carnival slated for December 8th is set to bring together Iteso across all regions of Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya.

2nd Edition of the Carnival

Teso Kampala Carnival is an idea that was initiated by Teso at Heart members on November 5th 2015 as an annual event aimed at uniting Iteso in the central UGANDA with  the rest of the ateker groups , make other Co-existing tribes to learn about the ITESO culture, create a platform  for nurturing Iteso children born outside Teso to know much about their identity and to create a platform under which Iteso  can network and give back to their communities.

Unlike other events where ITESO only meet at night, the organisers of the TESO Kampala carnival opted to have it as a day time event that ushers itself to night, to cater for the families that would love to come with their little ones and leave at an opportune time for other family responsibilities.

After the 2015 November agreement, 2016 became an ideal year for the first edition of the TESO Kampala carnival.

On Jan16th 2016, Iteso with Teso on their hearts sat for a summit at Eastern route hotel to discuss how Teso’s culture and development can be revived, many resolutions  were penned down with the idea of the TESO Kampala carnival being cemented with Saturday 28th of May 2016 being gazetted as for the first edition of the Teso Kampala Carnival.

2nd edition of Teso Kampala Carnival

Under the focus leadership of Isaac Olupot the vision bearer of the TAH ideology, the first edition was held in Kireka with Mammoth crowds that hadn’t ever been witnessed in any event in the history of the ITESO in the city, this event attracted different dignitaries among which was an envoy all the way from Karamoja Sub region led by HON Pulkol, Central represented by UGANDAS educationist Fagyl Mande and the ITESO Cultural union delegation led by Minister source Opak among others.

This to many was an eye opener Of possibility  of uniting  the region an idea that many thought would never be near any success.

The spirit move on and on 4th November 2017, Iteso again converged for the thrilling Second Edition of the TESO Kampala carnival an event that attracted a large number of legendary and upcoming artists, comedians, poets and dancers in the region, the event was graced by some members of parliament from the region with the 21 miss tourism finalists from all regions in the country.

Oduwe Oduk!

The growing pressure of the numbers this year prompted the Great sons of the soil like honorable Elijah Okupa of Kasilo county who doubles as the Chairperson leading board to demand that the event be moved to a much bigger venue to accommodate the vast population in the city thus Lugogo fell as an ideal venue for the 2018 Edition the most highly anticipated event in the region.

The event is usually characterized by:

  1. Cultural Exhibitions ranging from food, dress code, regalia
  2. Traditional dances and poetry.
  3. Miss TAH contest.
  4. Adere challenge.
  5. Amoru challenge.
  6. Akogo challenge and performances from the artistes from the region.


Esode! The Famous Adere Challenge

Date: December 8th

Time: 11am till late

Entry Fee: Totally free of charge, Tables go for 200,00/- and this comes with free sodas, beers, 2 bottles of Wine and Nyama Chomas!

Dress Code: Cultural attire

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