“They Were Coercing Speaker Anita Among To Break Bank & Dish Them UGX100M Or Else Be Blackmailed”-CID Police SpeaksOut On Why They ‘Fished’ Extortionists Birigwa,Pedson

“They Were Coercing Speaker Anita Among To Break Bank & Dish Them UGX100M Or Else Be Blackmailed”-CID Police SpeaksOut On Why They ‘Fished’ Extortionists Birigwa,Pedson

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Police’s Criminal Investigations Department -CID has disclosed that Moses Bigirwa of the National Unity Platform (NUP) is being detained at the Special Investigations Division Kireka on several charges including threatening violence and black mailing the person of the Deputy Speaker.

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Bigirwa was arrested last week on Friday from the home of the Deputy Speaker Anita Annet Among, where he had allegedly gone to extort 100 million shillings.

Charles Twine, the CID Spokesperson says Bigirwa, together with a syndicate of unknown people have been sending threatening messages to personal phone of the Deputy Speaker while using unregistered sim cards asking her to get them jobs in government or else they will damage her reputation through blackmail.

Twine explained that Bigirwa also working with other people through a telephone number from Dubai sent a message to the Deputy Speaker asking her to give them UGX100million or else they release a dossier which will damage her reputation once she fails to comply.

Twine added that Bigirwa’s car decorated with NUP colors had on several occasions been captured on CCTV cameras taking photos of the House of the Deputy Speaker in Minister’s Village, Ntinda, a Kampala suburb with ulterior motives, until Friday when he was finally netted.

Bigirwa, a former contender of Jinja Municipality MPship in the just concluded 2021-2026 general elections, was arrested after Rt. Hon. Among wrote to CID director, complaining about Bigirwa’s threats.

After her official complaint, investigators then swung in action and laid a trap, calling him to come and pick the ransom at the Speaker’s home last Friday, and that’s how he presented himself, where he was netted like a helpless fish🐟 on a hook!

Meanwhile, police added that before Bigirwa’s arrest, their no-nonsense  investigators had earlier on during the week, sealed off one of his accomplices identified as Pedson Kareine, working with drone Media, an online outlet, with whom he was allegedly working with to threaten their victims of ‘exposing’ their dirty linen through his media if they didn’t comply.

Their victims they allegedly target to extort money from are various high profile people including ministers and MPs of this banana republic, that’s according to Charles Twine.

Pedson was arrested last week and taken to CID Kibuli apparently over libel, computer misuse, defamation among other charges, and the trigger of his arrest, according to sources emanate from what he wrote about the deputy Speaker Anita Among among others.

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