Thief Breaks Into Car At Fairway Hotel, Steals Bukedde Journo’s Shs7m Camera

Thief Breaks Into Car At Fairway Hotel, Steals Bukedde Journo’s Shs7m Camera an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

The police in Kampala are hunting for a thug who was filmed last week on Thursday 23rd Jan 2020 breaking into a car at Fairway Hotel, from which he stole a video camera and other gadgets belonging to Bukedde scribe Obeid Lutale,attached to parliament.

This is the thug who stole the camera

The yet to be identified suspected thug was filmed on state-of-the-art Fairway Hotel CCTV Cameras entering through the main entrance, pretending to be speaking  on phone.

Fairway Hotel compound

He then walked towards Obeid Lutale’s car, a Spacio registration number UAW 047U, which he smartly opened, entered and pulled out a camera bag, before he majestically walked out of the Hotel compound.

The thug walking away with the bag

Lutale told this reporter via WhatsApp chat that the bag contained a Sony HD-cx 900, worth Shs6m and Sony codeless mic with a receiver worth Shs2M.

Obeid Lutale whose camera was stolen

Lutale said he had to Fairway Hotel to pray and have lunch there after before the thief broke into his car.

“There is a mosque inside the hotel, so I had passed by to pray and have lunch there after prayers. And I had just entered. I suspect he was following me, because he first stood at the main door for some seconds then proceeded to the back door where the camera was and just opened smartly,” Obeid said.

Lutale has since reported the matter to police and detectives are working together with Fairway Hotel security personnel to hunt down the shameless thug and bring him to book. an accessible web community

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