By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The territorial police at Nsangi registered an incident of death by electrocution yesterday at 7am in Kasenge Trading Centre.

The victims, who are all dead, have been identified as Asimmwe Babirye, 35, Annet, 24, and Jeremiah Sekalenzi, 5.

It has been established that the house where the deceased family was renting had no power, so they illegally tapped power from the neighbourhood. So in the morning after Annet washed clothes, she hung them on one of the wires that had a link to power connection.

The electricity shook her and her hands remained in contact with the live wire.

She made an alarm, which attracted her sister Babirye Asiimwe who came out of the house to help her. Asiimwe touched her sister with bare hands to save her and she was also electrocuted.

She too made an alarm and her five-year-old child, Sekalenzi, who came to help his mother was too electrocuted. The trio died instantly.

The neighbours came and disconnected the wire from the power. Their bodies have been conveyed to the city mortuary Mulago for a post mortem.

The police has said that its working with power distributors to arrest people that have illegal connections in the area and Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The detectives have commenced investigations with a view of arresting the person, who illegally connected the residence to power.