To Hell With Debates: Bomb Explosions Kick MPs, Parliament Staff Into Hiding Mode, Speaker Suspends Sittings

To Hell With Debates: Bomb Explosions Kick MPs, Parliament Staff Into Hiding Mode, Speaker Suspends Sittings an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The deputy speaker of Parliament, Ms Anita Among has suspended Parliament and asked the legislators to remain at home until further notes due to the deadly situation in Uganda.

The Speaker’s decision comes minutes after suspected bomb explosions ripped through the city at two different locations on Tuesday morning.

Memo Suspending MPs From Parliament

The first explosion went off at Constitutional Square and minutes later another one exploded at Parliament Avenue hitting the Jubilee Insurance Building that also houses the Inspector General of Government offices.

According to eyewitnesses near the parliament, explosions sent MPs and parliament workers scrambling for cover as a plume of white smoke rose above the downtown area.

At least three people have been killed and 33 others injured in these twin suicide bombings, police said, the latest in a string of attacks over the past month.

“So far 33 are injured and five are critically injured,” police spokesman Fred Enanga told a press conference on Tuesday, adding that the attacks were carried out by three suicide bombers.

A single suicide bomber carried out the first blast near the checkpoint at the police station, which killed two people, Enanga added. Then two suicide bombers on motorbikes detonated, killing one other person.

But you should remember that this is not the first incident, one person was killed and at least seven others wounded in an explosion at a restaurant in a suburb of Kampala on October 23. Another explosion two days later on a passenger bus killed only the suicide bomber, according to police.

ADF claimed responsibility for the restaurant attack last month but even before those attacks, the UK government had updated its Uganda travel advisory to say extremists “are very likely to try to carry out attacks” in this East African country. an accessible web community

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