Tooro FC Players Betting Own Games

Tooro FC Players Betting Own Games an accessible web community

By Brian Bariyo Tumuramye

Tooro United coach Muhammed Kisekka suspects that his side’s string of poor results in the league could be due to match-fixing by some of his players.

On various occasions, Kiseka has been forced to change his first line up a few minutes to the game to the dissatisfaction of club fans.

Kiseka appreciates the fan’s outrage, but says many of them are not aware of informs his decision.

After his side’s 1-0 home defeat to Villa, Kisekka voiced his suspicions that some of his very own could be engaged in shenanigans.

“We have a number of challenges we are facing. You so saw me make the first lineup and eventually making changes. For any professional coach you can’t do that but because of rumors of betting, we have ended up making changes. This is a fact,” said the under-pressure coach.

“You saw how we conceded a goal – it was uncalled for. I can give references to very many games in which we almost scored own goals.

“As a coach, I have no control over that. I don’t have evidence but it

is happening. Every time I receive communication that your team has been manipulated, we concede uncalled for goals,” said Kisekka.

“We have good players but their mental toughness is very poor. This is the third game that I am getting information about my team being manipulated and in the first minutes of the game we concede.”

The team has only collected 22 points from the last 25 games, which places it at the bottom of the table. 

Kiseka says there is an internal feeling in each player, which a coach can’t uplift.  

But Gilbert Muhumuza the club’s social media handler blames the team’s poor performance on lack of home grown players. He says a team that comprises players mainly from other regions will only play for the sake of money at the expense of Tooro’s pride. an accessible web community

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