We Demand To Know Whether Kasekende Supplied Diamond:Tororo Leaders To Demonstrate Over Kasekende!

We Demand To Know Whether Kasekende Supplied Diamond:Tororo Leaders To Demonstrate Over Kasekende!

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By Our reporter

Section of leaders from Tororo District have given a one week ultimatum to their District top leaders to explain the circumstances under which the District went into their dry coffers of the dictrict, pulled out a whooping US$ 71,110 about shs 267millions and paid arguably one of the richest men in Uganda by all standards now, Mr. Lousi Kasekende who doubles as deputy governor at BoU ,deputising Prof.Emanuel Tumusiime Mutebile.

The leaked transaction between Dr.Kasekende and Tororo District.

The leaders, TheSpy talked to on condition of anonymity threatened they would go on streets and demonstrate and even call for the resignation of their top bosses especially CAO should they fail to explain to their satisfaction.

The District deposited the said money in question for now on a joint account number 8700110288700 Standard Chartered bank Speke Road in the names of Louis Kasekende and his sweet heart Edith Kasekende on May 18, 2018.

According to the documents seen by TheSpy Uganda, the leaders want to establish the purpose of this payment. “We are shocked that the said money wasn’t even discussed in the council and no one bothered to inform us. We got these documents from someone at Standard Chartered bank indicating that our district paid a deputy governor,” one of the leaders of the district was quoted saying.
Meawhile, some authorities at the district remained tight-lipped over the matter not wanting to comment at this point.

Dr. Kasekende and a host of other top BoU leaders are under investigation by the Inspector general of Gov’t (IGG). The IG wants over 100 employees at BoU explain whether their wealth tallies well with their salaries.

The Ombudsman interest into BoU followed revelation by some whistle-blowers that top officials at the Central bank had accumulated a lot of wealth. And this was after a report by Auditor General over the closed and sold commercial banks had pinned several leaders for culpability.

In the newest inquiry, the IG is said to be looking into the assets and liabilities of over 100 employees but more emphasis is being put on employees in supervision and banking departments.
Although Inspectorate downplayed the inquiry to annual declaration of income, asserts and liabilities of officials, sources say the inquiry was triggered off by the reports of Auditor General that among others fault BoU officials especially in supervision for failure to explain how properties of defunct banks have been sold or taken over by officials at the central bank.

One of the declarations of income, assets and liabilities forms filled by Dr Kasekende, he shows that he owns property worth about Shs8 billion in upscale areas of Kampala, Wakiso and other areas. He is also a shareholder of Green Hill schools, has  a farm in Bukasa valued at Shs500 million and several commercial buildings which fetch millions of shillings in rent per year. In the declaration form, Dr Kasekende says he picked loans from commercial banks and used his statutory salary, savings from research, gratuity payments and travel allowances to build rentals and acquire the assets.

The Leadership Code Act 2002 requires all specified leaders to declare their Incomes, Assets and Liabilities to the Inspector General of Government. The Code prohibits conduct that is likely to compromise the honesty, impartiality and integrity of leaders or conduct that leads to corruption in public affairs and it imposes penalties on leaders who breach the Code.
Early this year, it is said President Yoweri Museveni ordered Bank of Uganda Governor, Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile to ‘sort’ out ‘thieves’ at Bank of Uganda.
Museveni who met the Inspector General of Government and a team from BoU at State House after cabinet lectured the two sides to sort out bickering that could easily hurt the economy but also warned of thieves at BoU.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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