Traders Lose Millions As Street Kids Burn Market

Traders Lose Millions As Street Kids Burn Market an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Traders in Walukuba division, Jinja municipality, are shedding buckets of tears after losing millions of shillings in merchandise and kiosks that were burnt when street kids in the area set them ablaze.

Some of the destroyed kiosks

Several residents and traders in Walukuba – Masese Division in Jinja were Tuesday left in shock after street children set over 20 kiosks on fire, in retaliation of Police raiding and destroying their place of safety, which left merchandise and kiosks worth millions of shillings burnt to ashes!

The street children, who are more than 80 in number, accused residents of reporting them to police which evicted them from their hideout where they’ve lived for two years!

After burning the traders’ kiosks, the street children have also vowed to burn a nearby Born Again Christians church building, accusing the pastor and congregants of reporting them to police.

Our sources there reveal that police have since deployed heavily in the area to disperse the rowdy street childre. an accessible web community

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