‘Tugume Didn’t Donate Ambulance To Sheema People, He Just Lent It To You’-RDC  Kyereere Speaks Out

‘Tugume Didn’t Donate Ambulance To Sheema People, He Just Lent It To You’-RDC Kyereere Speaks Out

By Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Sheema District Frank Kyereere Besigye, has refuted allegations that aspiring legislator Nickson Tugume Banduho donated a brand new ambulance to Sheema South constituency, where he wants to contest.

Kyereere said that Tugume has never donated the ambulance but that he instead lent it to the people of Sheema South for his personal reasons.

It should be noted that  mid last week,  Tugume was seen driving around Sheema South constituency in his private vehicle escorted by an ambulance branded with his picture and inscriptions indicating that he had donated it. He was also heard telling locals that he had donated the ambulance to the people of Sheema South and that they would use it free of charge.

However, Kyereere refuted these allegations, saying that; “Tugume came to my office telling me that he wants to donate an ambulance to Sheema South constituency, specifically to Bugongi Health Centre. I accepted and appreciated the gesture. I told him to show me the license, the card of the vehicle and other necessary documents but he refused. I asked him whether the ambulance is insured but he didn’t answer. I couldn’t allow such an ambulance without documents to be donated to our people.”

He added that; “I told him to first go and sort himself but surprisingly, after a few days I met the ambulance in Kashekuro with people surrounding it. I therefore want to clear the air that as a district, we don’t know that ambulance. He has the right to use it the way he wants so long as he obeys the constitution. I therefore inform the public that Tugume didn’t give you an ambulance but he lent it to you, which means he will take it at any time he wants. If he says that it’s for you, tell him to bring what I asked him for such that we can officially donate it to Bugongi Health Centre like he proposed.”

Kyereere noted that even the person who claims to be a health worker, who is seen driving Tugume’s ambulance isn’t known, since she isn’t on government payroll.

Kyereere said he wants Tugume to take to his office documents pertaining to both the driver of the ambulance and the nurse, to determine whether they are qualified medical personnel or not people.

When asked about the matter, the Sheema District Health Officer Dr Dickens Atwongyeire, said he dint know anything about Tugume’s ambulance or the health workers manning it.

MP aspirant Nickson Tugume Banduho who donated the ambulance

Although Tugume said that he donated the ambulance to the people of Sheema South, sources in the area say that he parks it at his home in Shuuku town council, making it difficult for people of Kasaana, Kitagata to access it whenever they needed it.

However, efforts by our reporter to secure a comment from Tugume were futile because he couldn’t be reached on his known phone numbers.

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