UCC Students Given Two Weeks To Prepare For Online Exams After Museveni Okays Reopening Of Schools

UCC Students Given Two Weeks To Prepare For Online Exams After Museveni Okays Reopening Of Schools

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By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: According to the statement issued by the National Council For Higher Education, addressed to all vice Chancellors and Principals of institutions offering health related training, the Government of Uganda has addressed itself to the fact that since medical health interns provide significant service in hospitals and other health facilities in the country, they are to resume their studies to curb the internship demand in hospitals.

“I’m pleased to inform you that H.E the President has approved the re-opening of institutions with final year students undertaking health related training” statement reads.

It adds that this is to enable the students complete their studies as to fill the human resource gap the Health Sector would likely face.

The groups of finalists considered to be allowed to resume their studies are as indicated below.

1. Finalist students undertaking training at Bachelors level in Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Nursing Midwifery, Dental Surgery, Pharmacy, Allied Medical Professionals.

2. Finalist Postgraduate students on health related programmes. 

3. Postgraduate students (doctors, nurses and midwives) who are qualified and are already health practitioners.

4. Finalists undertaking training at Diploma level in different disciplines.

The Guidelines For NCHE On Reopening Of Institutions.

The council also noted that for the effective reopening aimed at curbing the transmission of the virus, it has unveiled a road map that will be followed.

On 1st September, 2020 there will be issuance of guidelines to institutions by NCHE, on 1-13th September there will be preparation for re-opening (formation of COVID-19 committees, training staff & installation of facilities) by heads of institutions and governing councils, from 14th-26th september, there will be inspection of the institutions and issuance of certificate of compliance by sub-committee chairpersons.

Reopening Road Map By NCHE.

Then re-opening for finalists will be from 28th September 2020 by heads of institutions, training in COVID-19 management will be from 29th September 2020.

How ever, TheSpy Uganda has since learnt that, after President Museveni cleared medical finalists to do their final exams, Uganda Christian University (UCU) has given its finalist candidates only two weeks to prepare themselves and seat their final exams which will be conducted online.

“Remember President has okayed medical students to do their final exams such that they can boost the much needed staff in the medical sector, and since we had trained very well our students, we strongly believe two weeks are enough for them to prepare for their final exams” a source from UCU University said.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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