Uganda-Rwanda Quadripartite Meeting: Museveni, Kagame Pledge To Restore Peace

Uganda-Rwanda Quadripartite Meeting: Museveni, Kagame Pledge To Restore Peace an accessible web community

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During the third tripartite meeting held today Sunday in Luanda, Angola, his Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of the Republic of Uganda, and  his Excellency President Paul Kagame President of the Republic of  Rwanda,  pledged to take subsequent steps towards peace, stability, good neighbourliness and restore mutual trust after years of counter accusations.

The Luanda Summit between the four heads of state took place in a climate of fraternity and perfect understanding and decided the following;

a) Release of the national citizens of each country duly identified and included in the lists exchanged during the discourse.

a)Both parties must refrain from all factors that may create the perception of supporting, financing, training and infiltration of destabilizing forces in their neighbour’s territory.

Felix Tshisekedi (L), Yoweri Museveni (2L), Joao Manuel Lourenco and Paul Kagame

c) Both parties must continue to protect and respect  the human rights of the national citizens of the other party.

d) The continuation of the activities of the Ad Hoc Commission, as a mechanism for  monitoring the implementation of this process.

e) The next Quadripartite Summit shall take place in Gatuna/Gatuna in the common border between  Rwanda and Uganda on the 21st February, 2020.

Copy of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Uganda and Rwanda

The Heads of State available thanked  His Excellency President Joao Manuel Gonclaves Lourenco, president of the the Republic of Angola, for the fraternal welcome and hospitality, as well as  for his availability and engagement in this process of reconciliation between the two sister countries.

The Resolutions carried by the Third Tripartite meeting between Uganda and Rwanda

The Rwanda-Uganda borders at Gatuna and Cyanika have remained closed to Ugandan goods and services since February 2019.

Rwanda accuses Uganda of espionage and hiding dissidents, while Kampala accuse the Kigali administration of trade sabotage and spying on its gov’t.

Avenues for diplomatic engagement remain frail, after Rwandan authorities called off a Kampala meeting a few weeks after the Ugandan and Rwandan delegations had met in Kigali.

Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulyanyah in a meeting with the Speaker of Rwandan Parliament Donatile Mukabalisa last year, at the sidelines of the African Caribbean and Pacific-European Union Parliamentary Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda, discussed how the border impasse can be resolved but still no amicable solution was found for the impasse. an accessible web community

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