UNBS Closes Mega Standard Supermarket For Posing Health Risk To Ugandans

UNBS Closes Mega Standard Supermarket For Posing Health Risk To Ugandans

By Andrew Irumba

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and police have today closed down  Mega Standard Supermarket in Kampala over failure to maintain proper hygiene and selling uncertified bread.

The closure came after a team of health inspectors from UNBS stormed the Supermarket and discovered that it was running a bakery under very filthy conditions and the bread they were selling to clients had never been certified  by UNBS.

People gathered outside Mega Standard Supermarket after UNBS Inspectors stormed it

The UNBS team discovered that the way bakers at Mega Standard Supermarket were handling the bread they sell to consumers poses a huge health risk, because of being so unhygienic.

This is the filthy bakery where bread sold at Mega Standard Supermarket was being baked

So in order to save hundreds of innocent Ugandans from contracting cholera and other killer diseases after  consuming the poorly handled bread,  UNBS decided to shut down the Supermarket after discovering that even the other products they were selling were being handled in a manner that makes them unfit for human consumption.

The unhygienic environment inside the bakery

However, by the time of filing this story the management of Mega Standard Supermarket was not readily available to give a comment about the matter.

This is where they keep the baking flour

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