URA Commissioner  Saka Rewards MTN Engineer’s Wife With Juicy Promotion, Trips Abroad

URA Commissioner Saka Rewards MTN Engineer’s Wife With Juicy Promotion, Trips Abroad

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By Spy Reporter

The current trend at Uganda Revenue Offices (URA) Tower in Nakawa seems to be Leggo! As in you You Let Go of the Legs and you get what you want.

And as you know the saying that, man’s greatest weakness is only measured on two things; money and women. Believe you me,a man will do anything to on earth to lay that neighbour’s wife even when his is more beautiful than the neighbor’s and endowed in every aspect. All he wants is to lay her and move on to the next one, period. A man will also betray his best friend when it comes to earning, the more he pockets the more he yearns for more,will never get enough,so never trust a man on the above two aspects,never.

Let’s get back to these loaded national tax collectors, but who have also mastered the art of collecting female leggo at all cost.

Our Spy at the URA Tower reveals the man at the top of this Leggo game is loaded Henry Saka, the Commissioner Domestic Taxes.

We recently revealed how Saka had  become worryingly close to a junior staffer identified as Diana Musoke Balaba,  who is wife to Steven Musoke, an engineer with MTN Telecom.

Our Spy has since revealed that due to her closeness and workplace cohesion with Saka, Diana has since landed herself a juicy position as the  Supervisor  Budget and Reporting.
According to an announcement issued by  Herbert Rusoke, the Commissioner Corporate Services, Diana’s appointment became effective January 2, 2020.

Diana Balaba’s new appointment

However, according to our insiders at URA, Diana’s appointment is said to have been heavily influenced by trips she made to Penang, Malaysia,  Mombasa, Kenya and other destinations with none other than her boss Saka.

It is said that during these trips abroad, Diana often left her hubby Balaba coiling in bed like a priest, something that forced him to write a long missive to the Commissioner General URA , complaining about how Saka had monopolized his wife so much that she no longer had time for home duties, including nocturnal games.

“The husband complained to Akol that Diana doesn’t even want to ‘multiply’ the family,she doesn’t want to sleep in the matrimonial bed anymore,he wonders what Saka gives her during trips,” an insider intimated to this reporter.

Here below is Balaba’s purported complaint to the URA Commissioner General;

The Commissioner domestic taxes has long been known for sleeping around with his staff and even siring kids. I have been following his relationship with my wife Diana closely and noticed that he is having a sexual relationship with her. I brought this to the attention of the Commissioner General recently when they travelled to Mombasa on an organized retreat with other people.

I was however not helped as the Internal Audit Commissioner told me he was tired of that man’s issues with female staff! I have therefore been left with no option but to run to the media for audience! Mr. President weyayu? My wife Diana Balaba Musoke is again scheduled to travel with this man to Penang Malaysia next week  Friday 8th November.

Why is this behavior being condoned by URA! ESPECIALLY WHERE I HAVE RAISED A RED FLAG! 

I hear he promises them these trips abroad which are fully funded by the tax payers’ money by the way as a bite.  I also heard her say she has been lined up for a promotion as supervisor budget . I think she is travelling to pay for this promotion.

I am informed that all supervisory position in domestic taxes require PODITRA/ITRAT however, for this specific position it was waived. This man is always chatting with my wife on his international watsup number  and I have managed to access some of the chats that I will share shortly. I NEED HELP BECAUSE THIS MAN IS FAILING MY MARRIAGE.”

However, when he was contacted by our Spy for a comment about these allegations, Saka refuted the claims and revealed that these are rumours being peddled by his internal enemies within URA.

“I know who is giving you this information but he is just targeting me. There is more in the authority than meets the eye. First of all I am not the appointing authority and many of these accusations, when you verify, you will find that they have been piled up against me,” Saka said. 

It should however be noted that two weeks ago, Saka dragged his colleagues to Criminal Investigations Department asking them to probe a case of cyber harassment and forging information and spreading it on different social media platforms saying they were aimed at tarnishing his image.

The CID spokesperson,  Detective Charles Mansio Twine, confirmed that Saka had reported a case of alleged cyber harassment.

However, Twine declined divulging details and names of the URA staff that Saka is accusing of cyber harassment when asked, although sources said the accused work closely with the complainant (Saka).

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