Don’t Give Room To Peace Destabilizers, Kick Them Out Of Our Region: Africans Uncomfortable With US’ Moves To Set Up Military Base In Zambia

Don’t Give Room To Peace Destabilizers, Kick Them Out Of Our Region: Africans Uncomfortable With US’ Moves To Set Up Military Base In Zambia an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Political analysts have raised alarm over the announcement by the United States of America Embassy in Zambia that the infamous United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) is set open an office in the country soon.

The United States government made the announcement of the news last week during a meeting with Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema and visiting AFRICOM Brigadier General Peter Bailey who is the Deputy Director for Strategy, Engagement, and Programs.

It is said that the new Office of Security Cooperation is set to enhance military to military relations and enhance security cooperation between U.S and Zambia.

Speaking to the local press, political analyst Nkosana Maphosa said Southern Africa must be on high alert and monitor the development closely.

“The developments that are happening in Zambia must not be taken lightly. For a long time America wanted to establish its presence in Africa but African leaders have been shunning.

“Remember in 2007 if it was not for Thabo Mbeki the Command was going to be established in Botswana,” said Maphosa.

He added; “We know very well that where American army comes and set up an office very soon it will open a base and that base becomes a launching pad to strike at any country that they think is violating its policy. And also the physical presence of AFRICOM in SADC will mean infiltration of our security forces by the American army.”

Another Political analyst Nicholas Ncube urged the SADC Commanders to push for the resistance of the presence of AFRICOM in the region.

“Our region is one of the most peaceful regions in the continent. The entrance of AFRICOM here is a clear sign that our security situation might be in danger.

“The American army is coming under the guise of cooperating with the Zambian army but we know very soon that it will start fighting internal wars in the region and seeking to control the activities of the SADC standby Brigade.

“I am urging our regional Commanders to convince their political principals to see the danger that is about to unfold in the region,” said Ncube.

When the Pentagon had to locate its newly formed Africa Command (AFRICOM) somewhere in Africa in 2007, Botswana and Liberia were reportedly eager to host it.

But then, South African president Thabo Mbeki and his defence minister Mosiuoa Lekota mobilised the continent to oppose the move.

They said it would constitute an unacceptable violation of Africa’s sovereignty. an accessible web community

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