War Time: Sheema RDC Kyerere Vows To Tow ‘Mp’ Tugume’s Ambulance For Disobeying Orders, Mp Fires Back

War Time: Sheema RDC Kyerere Vows To Tow ‘Mp’ Tugume’s Ambulance For Disobeying Orders, Mp Fires Back

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By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Following Uganda’s Preparation for forthcoming general elections, there has erupted beef between Sheema RDC Frank Kyereere Besigye and the aspiring Sheema South constituency MP Tugume Nickson Banduho over supremacy.

The misunderstanding stems from RDC who accuses hopeful MP Tugume of giving an ambulance Sheema people. According to RDC Kyerere, Tugume failed to present documents of the said ambulance to the authorities in the District. It was from that point that the area RDC plainly told off the aspiring MP that he couldn’t allow such an ambulance without licence, and other relevant documents to be donated to people.

While receiving MP Jacklet’s donation yesterday at district headquarters, RDC Kyereere openly revealed to the people who had gathered for donations, that he is more than ready to tow Tugume’s ambulance to the district police station until he abides by the rules that were clearly stated to him.

“Although Tugume has a right to use his ambulance privately, he should know that he has no right to interrupt government programmes and our meetings using his unregistered ambulance to make alarms/sirens with an intention of diverting people’s attention hence inciting violence,” he said.

RDC further warned Tugume to immediately to remove Government brands from his ambulance and only use his private brands and also stop ‘unnecessary’ movements with his ambulance loud siren sounds.

However, Tugume rubbished all Kyerere’s instructions and orders and vowed to continue with his ‘noble’ cause of helping his p[people.

“I believe Kyereere can clearly interpret laws that there is no way he can stop me from donating and he has no authority to direct me how i should brand my ambulance because I’m the custodian of this ambulance” Tugume said.

“I want you to quote me well, if I become the MP Sheema South constituency, it’s when this ambulance will be put in the names of Sheema South under the office of the MP as one of my projects but currently I will be acting as a custodian on behalf of Sheema South people” asserted Tugume.

Meanwhile, Tugume’s latest clarification clearly confirms RDC’s allagations he made last week that the ambulance was just lent to the people of Sheema South constituency but not donated to them as Tugume had made the people believe before.

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