Will It Be Kadaga Or Oulanyah? NRM CEC Stuck With Speakership Battle As Museveni Calls For Another Meeting

Will It Be Kadaga Or Oulanyah? NRM CEC Stuck With Speakership Battle As Museveni Calls For Another Meeting

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Central Executive Committee (CEC), which is the top organ of the ruling NRM party on Monday failed to come to a substantial conclusion regarding the parliamentary speakership battle as the party is still torn apart on who to rally behind which has left many questions unanswered including the president who seems to be stuck between the two ‘bulls’

Whereas it was expected that CEC would determine the fate of the much-anticipated speakership battle largely seen to be between Rebecca Kadaga, who has been a speaker for 10 years, and Jacob Oulanyah, who has been her deputy for 10 years, there was no conclusion over the same.

According to our spies well placed at State House Entebbe, by close of the meeting attended by both Kadaga and Oulanyah ended in a stalemate on the previous resolution that Oulanyah pointed out giving him mandate as the next speaker after ending of Kadaga’s 10-year tenure.

However, Kadaga who still wants the speaker seat badly argued that no decision should be made based on a non-existent agreement adding that there has never been such an agreement throwing Oulanyah into dismay as well as a heated argument among the CEC members.

President Yoweri Museveni, who also doubles as the party chairman broke the silence by suggesting another meeting after realizing that the CEC members are not even closer to making a conclusive agreement.

“You have failed on this matter. I suggest we meet again,” Museveni suggested.

The meeting also guided that all party members interested in contesting for speaker and deputy speaker will express interest and later be vetted.

It was also agreed that after vetting, the matter will be decided by the NRM party caucus that sits at the Kololo independence grounds on Saturday ahead of the speaker elections set for Monday, May, 24.

It is therefore expected that the NRM party caucus sitting at Kololo might determine the fate of the speakership race on Saturday at Kololo.

Oulanyah’s camp openly says he is the rightful candidate for the party in the speakership race after an alleged 2016 agreement that he lets Kadaga complete her 10-year tenure as speaker of parliament and he takes over from there.

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