World Lions Day: Save ‘Our Brothers In The Jungle’ By Conserving Natural Reserves-Animal Activists

World Lions Day: Save ‘Our Brothers In The Jungle’ By Conserving Natural Reserves-Animal Activists an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

As the world celebrates Lion Day on 10th august this week Ugandans have been advised to join the campaign to conserve the world’s second-largest cat, the lion.

Wildlife life conservation is key to the sustainable ecological management of nature. However, due to man’s encroachment on natural reserves and insatiable greed for wealth, a number of wildlife species including some big cats are facing extinction.

A Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection Edith Kabesiime now wants stakeholders to embrace environmental conservation practices for the sake of protecting nature for generations.

“We now saying that as human beings we are witnessing what we call the six extinctions  whereby we are seeing the fastest rate extinction of species, the fastest rate of environmental degradation, the disappearance of habitats, disappearing of species and all this largely aided by man,” said Edith Kabesiime, the Wildlife campaign manager WAP

Kabesiime says the World is yet to experience harsh weather if nothing is done to address human-wildlife conflicts emanating from conservation area encroachment.

Edith Kabesiime says biodiversity loss has a big impact on arable land, settlements, economic gains and national heritage.

“The number of lions in Africa is on a steady decline and appeals to all stakeholders to embrace wildlife conservation,” Kabesiime says.

Great lakes safaris Managing Director Amos Wekesa wants Ugandans to preserve the lion’s jealousy.

The Wildlife conservation society Country Director Simon Ntakoze Kibiina says Uganda has about 400 lions left in the wild.

As Uganda joins the rest of the world to mark the international Lions protection day, it is important to address issues and policies that favour their existence. an accessible web community

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