You Killed Katushabe: Police Officer Pins Ssebuwufu, Baguma With Scientific Phone Tracking Evidence

You Killed Katushabe: Police Officer Pins Ssebuwufu, Baguma With Scientific Phone Tracking Evidence an accessible web community

By Benson Tumusiime

On Monday,over whelming scientific evidence was tabled before The High court by a police officer, pinning city Tycoon Muhammad Ssebuwufu and his co-accused on the murder case that they were charged with in 2015. Consequently Sebuf was denied bail again and sent back to the coolers.

According to a police officer No.38309 D/cpl Magola Brian, a 30 year old male Christian who has served in police for 11 years attached to CIID headquarters, while pinning Ssebuwufu in court, said that his roles in police include receiving crime statistics from police regions, Crime data entry and analysis, providing intelligence network information to investigation and this includes phone tracking, call data interpretation and surveillance.

The police officer said that on Friday 12.01.2018 he received a call from Oc CIID central police station Kampala that he is investigating a murder case and he needed his input.
“I was briefed about the case by the OC CID CPS that on
21.10.2015 officers at Cps Kampala teamed up with informers and
proceeded to Wakiso to the home of Katushabe and arrested her and brought her to pine located at Lumumba Avenue in Kampala district”, Officer narrated.

The officer was also told that  Oc station of cps Kampala  received information that there was a lady who was tortured at pine car bond, the O.C went for her rescue but she was in critical condition and was therefore taken to Mulago Hospital where she was later pronounced dead at 08:00pm.

D/CPL Brain told Thespy Uganda that he was also given verbal instructions by the O.C CID CPS Kampala to analyze the call data print outs and come up with the report specifically looking at the date of the incident and the time frame of communication of mobile numbers critically stating the places, time and looking at the date before 21, before and after.

The officer found out that telephone contacts   0774198368 and
0752198368 belonging to one Kasigika Paul on 18th.Oct.2015 during morning hours, showing sorrel must location License, received and made calls to 0772650846 and 0392445989 belonging to one Sebufu Muhammad,a director at Pine car bond which is behind CPS,Kampala.

It is also stated that the same Kasigika Paul on different locations including Mulago Hospital, received a call from SP Aaron Baguma who was at a location indicating telex bar and later on  Baguma returned another call to Sebufu at a location indicating Hotel Africana.
Sebufu called Baguma three times at site indicating Mabirizi. He was in close contact with Paul for all the time.

SP Aaron Baguma (0772934940) Pinned:

The Mtn network located Baguma at Kololo from where he kept on changing to Rwenzori house at 02:53pm.
DPC Baguma communicated to Cpl Tusiime Annette while he was at Rwenzori house. His last communication was with Sebufu at the same location Rwenzori house. He was so much in contact with Sebufu on 21.10.15 as compared to before and after.

Deceased Betty Kutushabe

On 20th.10.15 at around 09:15am mobile number of the deceased was located at Kitende where she made a call.

On 21st.Oct.2015 Katushabe’s number was located at sorrel must, Buganda road where she was up to 0400pm. The deceased mostly made calls to very many people and she mostly received calls from 0758581629, 0701457720, 0703119210 and 0704173061 among other associated telephone numbers.

On the same date same number of Paul called Kiwanuka aka damage of stella,Najjanankumbi and at around 09:00am, and Paul’s Mtn number was located at Mtn must locating Namasuba. While at Kitende, he received and made several calls to Sebufu who was on changing locations of Kabusu, sir Apollo Kagwa etc.

Paul, while at Kenjoy and Bwebaja received a call from Muhammad who was at areas of Mengo Hospital. On this day Paul was cited in the areas of Kitende at 07:30am. The Mtn was locating him at clock tower areas, there after Mabirizi plaza and Rwenzori towers where he was situated for the whole day until at around 09:00pm.

Paul made several calls from 07:00am throughout the whole day to sebufu. 21st.10.15 Paul received two calls from his airtel from Dpc SP Baguma Aroon on 07014667772 who was at must locating simbamanyo and Paul at Buganda road.

It was also established that on 21st.10.15 at around 08:30am Mtn network located Sebufu at Rwenzori towers and Rwenzori house. On the same day while at Rwenzori towers sebufu communicated with Kiwanuka Sam aka damage and on the same day Sebufu network changed to mengo Hospital.

It also again changed to Rwenzori towers. At around 04:30pm while at Rwenzori towers received a call from Kiwanis Sam.
On the same day, he received a call from the Dpc’s number who was Baguma Aaron and was at must locating Simbamanyo house.
The report shows that there was much communication between the accused Sebufu Muhammad and his co-accused and the deceased Betty Katushabe from the time she was beaten to death compared to other days before and after the incident. an accessible web community

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