Zari Dumps singer Diamand over Cheating!

Zari Dumps singer Diamand over Cheating! an accessible web community

By Ronaldo Nagye

Zari Hassan, a renowned Ugandan socialite commonly known as ‘Zari The Boss Lady’ has finally ended her relationship with popular Tanzanian artiste super start Diamond Platinumz.

To show that it has ended between them, Zari posted on her time line saying she has had enough of Diamond’s cheating and was calling it quits.

“Understand that this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumours some with evidence floating around, all sorts of media reports in regard to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond. As my RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY & WELL BEING cannot be compromised. We are separating as partners but not as parents. This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know. I will continue to build as a mogul. I will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means. Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you Zari supporters. Have a lovely day ahead” she posted on her facebook. Zari last year lost former husband Ivan semwanga in South Africa due to blood clot. an accessible web community

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