Big Story! Tooro King Oyo Cries To Museveni For Financial Bailout As Money Lenders Threaten To Attach Palace Over Debts

Big Story! Tooro King Oyo Cries To Museveni For Financial Bailout As Money Lenders Threaten To Attach Palace Over Debts an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Fort Portal: Bad news reaching our gossip desk from Tooro Kingdom is that, Rukirabasaija Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV and his subjects are sitting on tenterhooks and reportedly about to lose their Karuzika Palace with its land as a result of multimillion debts incurred by King Oyo to facilitate him organize the booted World Monarch’s Summit, which he was to coordinate with President Yoweri Museveni.

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It is worth noting that King Oyo and President Museveni earlier this year held a meeting at State House Entebbe, to plan for the mega World Monarchs Summit which was to take place between 7th to 11th September 2020, and this saw the President and King of Tooro signing a joint communiqué confirming the world event.

It is reported that Museveni then delegated King Oyo and the Queen mother Best Kemigisa to deliver summit invitations to historical Kings in the Middle East and other parts of the world, however, this didn’t go well with King Oyo since, on arrival in Oman, he received the bad news that the country’s King had passed on although this could not save the expenses he had already incurred on behalf of the government since he was there on Museveni’s assignments.

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When Oyo returned mid-January after accomplishing Museveni’s assignments of delivering invitations, according to our source in the Kingdom, he reached out to the President to remind him of the pledge he had made of paying the money lenders the following day, something both parties reportedly had agreed, but surprisingly the President sounded different from the agreement.

Source say, “When the King came back and approached the President to remind him of the debt he had not cleared as a result of his pledge, the President sounded totally different from what they had agreed with the King and up to date he has not acted.”

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Source adds that the King thought that the President had forgotten and he sent his Principal Private Secretary Mr Jonathan Baguma to meet Dr Kenneth Omona, the PPS to the President to remind him about the mega debt that has since given King Oyo sleepless nights, this also didn’t bear fruits since President continuously kept silent.

Days went on and reportedly after a month which was mounted with pressure from money lenders, the King directed his PPS to officially write to President Museveni reminding him to fulfil his pledge so that he can pay off the lenders and save the perishing Kingdom something also that left the King in hanging mode since there was no response to this.

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“President Museveni behaviours has made the King believe that he is being taken for granted and the government does not value batooro who have always showered Museveni with votes whenever it is time for voting,” a source said adding, “President meets people like Catherine Kusasira, Bebe Cool, Balaam Barugahara, Full Figure and we wonder whether that group is more important than the King.”

Furious Kingdom’s source spit more fire saying, “President also gives his pledges immediately on the above group but look how he has made our King sweat over debts he pledged to pay, Museveni is not shy to spend years without fulfilling the Kingdoms pledges some which are even minor.”

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Another Kindom’s official revealed, “President used our King and dumped him and now the King is trying to sell off some of his properties to pay the money lenders yet it was President of Uganda who sent him to deliver his message.”

“Can you imagine that the King asked for an appointment almost three months back and President kept on dodging him and instead gives audience to people like Full-Figure?” an official to Kingdom asked, adding, “The President can tell a whole King that he is busy and the following day you see in newspapers that he was meeting Sipapa, peng peng, among others, just imagine!!!!”

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He further added, “The King of Tooro cannot come out and expose the anger he has on President Museveni because he is being controlled by the Queen Mother but he is not happy as he has been taken for a ride by President for too long. He is a peaceful King and that is why he never publically complained when his Kingdom was under attack and being divided by President Museveni by taking away Bundibugyo and Kasese districts. We see these things and when we uprise as Batooro, Museveni’s government will regret.”

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Meanwhile, he revealed that as batooro, “we will soon sit and collect money to help our King out of this problem that the President put him into.” He added that they are planning a press conference to tell Batooro what is going on between the President and their King saying this will be done next week. an accessible web community

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