Confession! Yes, It’s True Alcohol Was Loaded On National Carrier Enroute Moghadishu But Guised As Juba Cargo-Duty Manager Moses Kisembo Confesses!

Confession! Yes, It’s True Alcohol Was Loaded On National Carrier Enroute Moghadishu But Guised As Juba Cargo-Duty Manager Moses Kisembo Confesses! an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: In just few hours after we reported about the ‘alleged’ smuggle of alcohol using the national carrier enroute to Islamic Country Mogadishu Somalia, where it’s forbidden, Mr Moses Kisembo, a former senior duty manager at Entebbe International airport at the time has confessed that it’s true mafias loaded alcohol guised as cargo enroute to Juba South Sudan but ended up in Mogadishu!

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However, Kisembo adds that, by the time that happened, he had already left the station and handed over to the next incharge, having worked night duty. When he left around 8am is when mafias working with in the system took advantage. Mind you, Kisembo was first working in Mogadishu but later transfered by CEO then Cornwell Muleya and Andrew Tumusiime when he reportedly declined to ‘cooperate’ on showdy deals, back to Entebbe airport, although these showdy deals would continue to pass, but not in his time zone as duty manager since there’s two shifts. They would ensure he leaves first.

Now, Yesterday Monday, Spy Uganda reported how the Zambian led administration Cornwell Muleya now on suspension on orders of president Museveni cut deals with city mafias and started cutting fat deals which led to almost collapse of the youngest baby, Uganda Airlines which had just been revived by President Museveni. One of the deals, flying alcohol into Mogadishu almost caused the plane to be bombed by Al-Shabaab forces when they learnt that Ugandans were sneaking alcohol (haram) into their country.

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Now, Kisembo has brought out what one would call ‘NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH’ in regards to the matter explaining how it all started, in a bid to separate himself from the mafia gang, since for him, he is still working in Juba station after he was again re deployed.

Read it verbatim below;

The day alcohol was smuggled, It was me that day who was incharge but i was at counters supervising check in and when time to board came, I passed figures to OCC as Das people passed figures to their counter parts at sorting area. We confirmed the bags of that day and on sorting, we had received like 44. So we led passengers to aircraft and all bags had been loaded prior to my coming down with passengers.

I am required to sign a baggage reconciliation which i did and my bags at counters checked and system were tallying with what was presented to me. That day had worked night and at around 8am I went home, later around 10am Kinalwa calls that the plane to Mogadishu had alcohol! I was equally perturbed because there seemed nothing peculiar that day.

Investigations were done by DAS security Specioza khaisa (Mgr security DAS) police and Joint security at airport. The loaders and security on the aircraft that day were fired especially those from DAS.

Police requested for all my numbers to see if I talked to these people nothing was found because I didn’t know them, I didn’t see the bags either my official bags in the system tallied with what I signed for.

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But later stories started coming out how this was planned. The alcohol had been in URA since Feb that fateful and in the morning they pulled it out purporting it was going to Juba.

The customs official accompanied them up to the ramp and went back. These people took it to sorting area tagged it manually and that day we were using system generated tags, mixed it with what we had sent from counters, drove it and loaded it.

All this is on camera which I believe security still has. The boys were interrogated and confirmed the alcohol belonged to a powerful man in URA HQS.

All the security organs at airport are aware of this. Capt Wegoye should call Specioza security manager DAS, for the truth not even Dorcus, she can come in later because security is supposed to be deployed at the aircraft stand, where were they?”

It’s worth noting meanwhile, that when Somali government grounded the Uganda Airlines plane for some good days for such haram act, it was President Museveni through AMISOM part of which is made up of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) that negotiated for its release. Some inside sources told our spy that actually, by grounding it, AMISON saved it from being bombed enroute to Entebbe by ‘some’ other forces within Alshabab who had got wind of the ‘haram’ business taking place with the Airplane.

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It’s alleged that it was from the above act among others that forced President Museveni in May 2021 to fire the Airline’s top managers including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cornwell Muleya and his managers including Andrew Tumusiime (who brags to be working with President Museveni) on a three -month suspension and then ordered for forensic investigations on the matter and immediately brought back Ms.Jennifer Bamuturaki to save the airline that was perishing in hands of CEO Muleya and his team.

When he was still in charge, CEO Muleya had fired Bamuturaki after her six months probation period claiming she couldn’t match with his ‘brilliant’ team he wanted to assemble to run business at the airport.

Moses Kisembo is now Country Manager Juba. He was re-instated after his dismissal matter was investigated and the team concluded that it was witch-hunt by Andrew Tumusiime and CEO Cornwell Muleya because he refused to ‘cooperate’ on deals.

Moses was one of the first Country Managers that was recruited by MOW&T and posted to Juba.

“One time he was invited for a meeting by Joseph Sebowa Human resource (HR) at the airline and told that he must give the Chairman Pereza $500 from either his salary or his office Petty Cash. Sebowa mentioned that Pereza was a poor man and had just returned from Katebe so he needed help quickly.

When Moses got to Juba he declined to send this money. He started his duty in Juba and instead started questioning why Uganda Airlines was paying more in Handling by close to $ 300 than other Airlines, almost double the figure.

Sebowa and Harvey called him and warned him to mind his own business if he still needed his job.

But unbothered by threats Moses still went ahead and negotiated with the handler ZAS and brought the figure down to match what other Airlines were being charged.

That’s when his problems now began in full swing. In a syndicated move involving Muleya, he was harassed at work and told  he was not performing well, as away of kicking him out, just like Jennifer. His appraisal was delayed and eventually he received a letter informing him to prepare to leave Juba for ‘redeployment’.

The mastermind of all this, flamboyant Andrew Tumusiime arrived in Juba later and threatened them as a team telling them that those against their ‘system’ will be pushedout at their own peril like the former Commercial Director [Jennifer Bamuturaki].

Indeed, Moses was later recalled to Entebbe, put on katebe for some time and then demoted to work as Duty Manager, from being Country Manager in juba!,” Source intimated to this reporter.

In Juba, Muleya and Tumusiime’s cronies Sebowa and Ahabwe had interviewed a Sudanese to take up Moses’ job only known as Dominic, who was even allegedly tasked by Sebowa to pay $2000 to Ahabwe to be given an appointment letter as the best candidate for the job.

The poor man went ahead and paid  the money, and was expecting to be given the job, source revealed.

Back Home, Muleya was even given appointment letters to sign for Dominic to start work as Country Manager Juba. Imagine who employs a South Sudanese to run an office in Juba? An office of the National Airline? Those are the strange things Muleya was part of, source added.

“Andrew used to live large, work large, threatened to even ‘fire’ a fly if they were not in his line. He claimed to be very powerful and that he was H.E’s cadre sent to over the project. Guy worked with impunity.

Can you imagine that at one time, when Muleya’s contract had not yet been renewed, guy almost shifted his office to Muleya’s claiming he was CAO and there fore next in command, and would be taking over for the meantime?!

He used that time lag, went to ‘General’s’ (M7) office asking that he should be the one considered to be next CEO but he was told off,” source revealed.

Andrew Tumusiime is the same man we told you about yesterday who on July 12th this hosted a debate about Uganda Airlines in Nairobi Kenya via zoom and presented himself as a top notch at Uganda Airlines yet he is among those on suspension on orders of the president.

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