Deadly Assassins Swear To Celebrate 56th Independence By Drinking On MPs, Ministers’ Blood!

Deadly Assassins Swear To Celebrate 56th Independence By Drinking On MPs, Ministers’ Blood! an accessible web community

By Ronaldo Kalangi

Uganda Police Force has warned Ugandans to be vigilant as they celebrate the 56th Independence anniversary because the country is at the risk of being attacked by deadly criminals who have vowed to ‘celberate’ by shading blood of VVIPs, among them MPs and Ministers.

According to the press released by Police Spokesperson SSP Emilian Kayima, he revealed that police and other security agencies had already received that intelligence information and that they were seriously planning and deploying to foil such heinous crimes, because, ‘fore warned is fore armed’.

Warned: SSP Emilian Kayima

“We have information that some criminal elements within and outside the country were planning to commit heinous crimes against members of the public especially VIPs like ministers, MPs, senior executives and security personnel during independence celebrations. These could be in form of assassinations and terror attacks in all forms,” Kayima warned.

This comes after a list of prominent Ugandans like AIGP Kaweesi, Abiriga, Kirumira, Muslim shiekhs were all gunned by assassins.

“This is therefore to inform the country that security is prepared to decisively fight these crimes. We continue to monitor their activities. We have strategically deployed both overtly and covertly to frustrate their criminal intentions,” he said.

Kayima warned people highlighted in the above category to take extra caution and be vigilant against these possible attacks

SSP Kayima’s press release

“Be vigilant and alert to avoid being caught off guard by quickly reporting suspicious characters, suspicious phone calls and suspicious movements around your home or office premises. While driving, watch the vehicles or motor cycles that could be following you and take appropriate action like calling the police, parking in highly populated areas or where there is security along the highways.

You can still notify a friend to coordinate it with security. It is very important to avoid routines, be it in terms of movements, timings and places visited like shopping centres. It is a good security measure to always inform your family members of your movements. It is fair enough to always let them know of your travel plans, persons you intend to meet, expected time of return home and your fears if any. This helps in quick reporting and quick intervention from the police in case of security related challenges. When any person goes missing for 24hrs, you report the matter to the nearest police station for intervention. When such people re-appear thereafter,  as it often happens please remember to notify the police,” advised Kayima. an accessible web community

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