Police, CMI kill Top Criminal Gang Leader In Joint Thunder Operation!

Police, CMI kill Top Criminal Gang Leader In Joint Thunder Operation!

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By Ronaldo Kalangi

Police in Kampala Metropolitan area, together with its sister agencies have apprehended deadly criminals who are suspected to have been behind the spate of armed robberies, murders and burglaries in Kampala and its surrounding areas.

Speaking to TheSpy Uganda, Police Spokesperson SSP Emilian Kayima revealed that security got tips from Namungoona, Lubaga Divison where a total of 9 deadly suspects were apprehended and are currently being interrogated and screened to establish their true identities and the heinous crimes they have been committing .

“The suspects are currently held in various police stations in Kampala Metropolitan area,” he said.

Kayima added “This is the vigilance and alertness that we often promote through our community policing programs,”

It has been established that in the arrest, one suspect Abdul Katerega  was severely battered and while he was being taken to hospital for medical attention, he bled due to injuries sustained and was pronounced dead on arrival at Mulago National Referral Hospital. His body is currently at City Mortuary.

He revealed that operations to crack down on crime will continue unabated to ensure security and safety for all.

Kayima’s press release

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