Exclusive; Maj.Gen.Kasirye Ggwanga’s Palatial Country Home Finally Exposed

Exclusive; Maj.Gen.Kasirye Ggwanga’s Palatial Country Home Finally Exposed

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By Andrew Irumba

For the very first time, Rtd.Maj.Gen.Waswa Kasirye Ggwanga has revealed his palatial country home where he says he wants to be buried when God calls him to superintend over security in his heavenly gardens,

Gwanga,67,who retired from active army service last year in an exclusive interview with our reporter Andrew Irumba last Saturday from his Camp David Two in Mityana, about 20 kms from Town said he would like to be buried at his country home (pictured above), which he has built using his retirement package he received recently after he retired from active army service.

Separate investigations indicate that the battle hardened general bagged over shs200m as his retirement package though he (refused to confirm when asked about it). The source also confided that Kasirye Ggwanga had no Bank loans at the time of taking his retirement. “That guy you see has never taken any bank loan in his life, I’m not aware of any. The only loans he has been taking is salary loan from his employer (Army) which they cut every month,but again, he never had any at the time of his retirement,” the sources said.

This Ggwanga also confirmed in a separate interview where he used the same chance to advise fellow soldiers on taking Bank loans. “Many of our officers when they retire, hardly one year they die or completely ‘fade off’, because of Bank pressures, but why take bank loans at this age? for what? I have never taken any bank loan and I’m here enjoying my retirement money. You see that house, it has everything inside there that one needs to live, I have my cook and other workers here including security, they take car of me,” he said.

Rtd.Maj.Gen.Kasirye Ggwanga pose with his dog during the interview on Saturday at his country home in Mityana

He continued; “What you’re seeing there is Lake Wamala, the fresh breeze from that lake..man…cut the crap.
I’m at the top of the hill here as you see. I’m sitting on hundreds of acres.

Spy Uganda’s Andrew Irumba shakes Rtd.Maj.Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga on arrival before the interview

The sun comes from that side and rests this side(pointing from East to West), I want it to shine on me in my grave when raising in the morning and say bye to me when setting off in evening, hitting at my grave, here (points at the spot where he want to be buried).

Maj.Gen. Kasirye Gwanga at his palatial up country mansion

According to Ggwanga, his mansion is fully furnished with everything a man needs in life, including state-of-the-art-furniture, lighting systems, cookery and DSTV to keep him looped around the world. “I’m more informed than most of you guys in Kampala who keep in your crap there, what else do I need from your smelly disorderly city? I have fresh food, fresh air, fresh everything here,” Gwanga said.

Maj.Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga’s dogs that he first sends to visitors on arrival to confirm to him that they’re harmless. They will then go and come with him and will not leave until he orders so.

One of the most controversial Generals this country has been blessed with, Kasirye Ggwanga also warned anybody who thinks they can change his wishes when he is long gone in regards to burial sites and management of his properties. Gwanga said he found solution for ‘these Kampala idiots’ who normally come and want to take charge of dead people’s ‘affairs’.

No one has the powers to change where I want to be buried, even the army leadership knows it, I told them, so cut the crap. All my land and other properties will be left under ‘Kasirye Ggwanga Foundation’, you can’t sale, you can only use it to earn a living and leave it there, my legacy has to remain for my grandchildren to always come and refer to.

When asked about whether he misses his children at his age since they all stay abroad, Gwanga said he doesn’t miss them because they’ve got to man up,go and fight for their own survival like him. “I’m connected here, maaan, I talk to them on line all the time, why miss them? Even these two little young ones in International school in Kampala when they return in holidays they give me ‘crap’.

Without mincing words, Ggwanga said ‘they’ will not allow the opposition to ‘confuse’ the populace come 2021,because president Museveni is still around and has averagely done well compared to the ‘nature’ of Ugandans.

“Cut the crap, Museveni has done well, but do you guys know that Ugandans are very difficult lott to manage? We went to the bush, fought for peace and freedom and gave them to you but you’re using them against us. How do you tell Gen.Kasirye Ggwanga that I am stealing your land (on Entebe road where he burnt the tractor of the encroachers), go to court if you’re not ‘satisfied’!?? Do you see that? A civilian whom we gave peace and freedom on a silver plutter telling me Kasirye Ggwanga who narrowly survived death in the bush? You guys don’t don’t appreciate certain things. So go and tell them, quote me, I have said Museveni is still here 2021, cut the crap. 2026, come and confuse your population we will be gone, but I can’t be here in Mityana and my president is Bobi Wine….haaahahaaaa..cut the crap.

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