Grief Engulfs Pan African Pyramid Family As It Pays Tribute To Fallen Staunch Member-Professor Kajabago Karusoke

Grief Engulfs Pan African Pyramid Family As It Pays Tribute To Fallen Staunch Member-Professor Kajabago Karusoke an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Pan Africanists in Uganda under their umbrella organization Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) have in total grief paid tribute to their fallen staunch pioneer member, Professor Kajabago Karusoke  who succumbed to COVID-19 yesterday at Victoria Hospital Bukoto.

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In a death announcement seen by TheSpy Uganda from the office of PAP speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe, described the fallen comrade as a strong gallant son of Africa who dedicated all his life for an African cause.

”We will remember Prof.Kajabago as a strong gallant son of Africa who dedicated all his life for an African cause,” said PAP Speaker.

The organization’s founding speaker further asked all those who have gone through Professor’s hands to emulate his works and push forward his interests of shaping better the African continent.

”Those he has taught should carry on his works, the knowledge he has left us with shall always shine on him. Good thing he gave out his all. He has left us with an army that is fully equipped to keep the struggle alive, we should honour him,” added PAP Speaker.

Speakers’ call was backed up by a great Pan Africanist from Nigeria and a staunch member of PAP, Mr Imotah Tijah who asked fellow Pan Africanists to solace in the wisdom professor has pumped in them. ”Please accept my heartfelt condolences to you the PAP family over the death of this great Pan-African. Let’s take solace in the wisdom he left behind.”

Meanwhile, other deep-hearted members who have paid tribute to Kajabago include Pan Africanist, Uhuru Sserubiri who praised Professor for shaping him into Pan Africanism.

He says, ”I first interacted with Prof Kajabago when I was in secondary, A’level; I remember one time, him and Pan Africanist Lutwama Afrika drove me back home, after a debate at former Seascalope, opposite Uganda Museum, where I used to go and listen to Pan-Africanists debating on topical issues; it was late and couldn’t find a boda, so they drove me back to Nansana; then on the way, I heard the Prof and Lutwama Africa discussing works of Prof Joseph Stiglitz, and I remember using my pocket money back to school to order for two books of Joseph Stiglitz online on globalization because their discussions arose my curiosity; when I finished S.6, I became a regular participant in the Friday debates and got to interact with the professor more during my S.6 vacation.”

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Another Pan Africanist and City Lawyer Kato Mukasa says it is Professor Kajabago who inspired him into Pan Africanism and his [Kajabago] speeches will never perish from his medulla oblongata. ”I will miss him, it will be hard for me to find another Kajabago Karusoke, he was one of a kind. I will greatly miss him but I am happy he inspired me into Pan Africanism, I took him for a father of wisdom and I respected him and loved him as such.”

Kato narrates his first meeting with Professor, ”I first met Karusoke in 1999 as a student at Makerere. There was a pan African conference organized and the likes of Tadjudeen, Chango Macho, Gen.Otafiire, Bidandi Ssali amongst others who were the pillars of pan Africanism. I then started attending debates and meetings in Kamwokya at the Pan Africanism Office (not Seascallop) in the early 20000s.

It’s at that venue where I met the likes of Asimwe Steven, Fred Bamwine and later Andrew Irumba Katusabe (PAP speaker) Lutwama Africa, Ngabirano among others. I loved Prof Kajabago Karusoke for his mind rhymed with mine on a number of issues. When I founded HALEA organization in 2007, I started inviting him to our Open Talk Debates and our General Assembly where he would deliver moving speeches. I loved him, I admired his intellectual prowess, we almost agreed on everything and his sense of humour was beyond comparison.

On a few occasions I bumped into him at First Pharmacy and we would talk for minutes, loudly to the inconvenience of others within. Such was my friend Kajabago Karusoke. You did your part, go well. I will always celebrate your contribution. Well done man of wisdom, Well done, the true son of Uganda, the gallant son of Africa.”

Fellow Professor Ndinawe Byekwaso is also among those deeply hearted by the death of Kajabago saying they have been known to each other for a long time and shared great values of Pan Africanism. ”From the time I was teaching at Kyankwanzi as a young man when NRM was still a leftist political organization me and him shared the same values of Pan-Africanism, RIP”

Meanwhile, by the time we filed this article a couple of members who aim at organizing not agonizing as per the organization’s slogan, had started collecting condolences in form of cash that will be handed over to Professor’s family as contributions towards his burial expenses believing that that’s one of the ways of honouring his works.RIP!

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