IGG Probes Police On Mega School Deal

IGG Probes Police On Mega School Deal

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By Benson Tumusiime

The Uganda police procurement department over seen by Mr Godfrey Bangirana, the head of the force’s Logistics and Engineering Department is in spot light again for non-payments of schools it bought from private operators.

According to reliable information reaching TheSpy Uganda, Mr Katumba Birungi a former UTODA stalwart in charge of finance is all in tears after selling his Wakiso based school and land to Uganda police which has not paid him for now a long time.

According to their understanding, the force tricked him into surrendering all the titles after which it turned around and demanded for a vacant possession.

This was after learning that part of the sold land had squatters. Snoops say that poor Katumba is now unable to move nobody and the matter is being referred to the office of the IGG.

Similar stories are being said about the deal between Mukono former tycoon Mr. Ssemakula whose former school and land at Bwebajja along Entebbe road is now housing the police senior staff and Command College at Bwebajja.

It is alleged that Ssemakula‘s deal was engulfed in a lot of confusion. Ssemakula is the former owner of what is today known as Seroma Christian School in Mukono, a project he sold to Seroma.

Police Woo’s come at a time when Mr Bangirana is under IGG probe after a whistle blower petitioned Mrs. Irene Mulyagonja, accusing the officer of depleting Uganda’s police institution resulting into a multi-billion loss.

In the last months Bangirana has been summoned to face the Inspectorate of Government to explain the exorbitant cost at which a junk helicopter was repaired at a cost of Shs10bn, the procurement processes where police has now accumulated a debt of over sh Shs100bn it owes to different service providers and other flaws. Snoops say that Bangilana has accumulated amazing wealth.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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