Kanungu Woman MP Abuses Poison Victim Live On Radio

Kanungu Woman MP Abuses Poison Victim Live On Radio

By Our Reporter

The Woman Member of Parliament for Kanungu District, Elizabeth Kalungi has outrageously described a Parliament employee who accused the legislator of masterminding a poison against her as “malaya”, “stupid” and a “useless” receptionist.

Ms. Kalungi shockingly mentioned the three despicable words and others in her native Rukiga language live on a local Radio station on Tuesday when she was called to comment on the allegations of poisoning Ms. Donna Kamuli, currently preparing to be flown to Europe for further specialized treatment.

When the presenter asked Kalungi to respond to the accusations, unknowing that she was live on air; Kalungi largely dodged the matter and instead extraneously resorted to addressing her perceived personality of the accuser.

“She is just a receptionist here (Parliament). A very useless girl,” Kalungi said on phone.

The MP continued that Ms. Kamuli, who has already filed a case at High Court Kampala Civil Division through M/s Rwakafuzi, only wants to extort money.

“I think somebody talked to her and told her that she is missing the opportunity for money. That is why she went to the media and then the lawyer to draft (for her the case) expecting to get a call from me. I said I will not give you anything, you are very stupid,” added Kalungi.

Kalungi revealed that she already has a co wife and she would have killed the co instead of a “malaya” (Kamuli) from Parliament.

“Can you imagine I have my co wife? I would have killed that one. Now this Malaya I look for what in her really?” noted Kalungi.

After her inconsiderable throwing of the above blitzes, Karungi was informed by the presenter that the conversation was live on air.

The awfully upset Karungi, with limited options, asked as if she did not hear the audible declaration from the presenter and also reproved him for not alerting her early.

“We are on air? You should have told me that I am on air so that I can talk like somebody who is on air. You didn’t tell me,” said Karungi.

The presenter in his defense, said there was nothing wrong; “But still we have been talking, you’ve said things and there is no problem,” said the presenter.

When contacted to comment on the recorded radio conversation, the combative and uncooperative Kalungi, blatantly accused the media for publishing stories without hearing her side.

“You people of the media refused to ask me before writing nonsense. Now they are asking me when they have already written and posted things which are not right,” Kalungi berated.

The legislator said the police report has the truth on her side and the Case Clinic medical report also found out that Kamuli was not poisoned.

The court papers also indicate that nothing was detected from Case Clinic but the results from the superior and authoritative Government Analytical Laboratory established that Kamuli’s urine had deltamethrin, saliva contained tinidazole and cyprodinil in her blood. The chemicals are said to be poisonous to humans, highly corrosive and fatal if ingested.

Ms. Donna Kamuli a receptionist at parliament, represented by Rwakafuzi & Co Advocates rushed to the Kampala High Court’s Civil Division accusing Karungi of poisoning her with deltamethrin and cyprodinil, which was delivered in drinking water.

“On Saturday 1st September 2018 between 3:00 and 4:00pm at Café Pap on Parliamentary Avenue Kampala, the defendant (Kalungi), possibly through an agent, who acted for her and her instructions, administered a poison called deltamethrin and cyprodinil through packed water bottle labeled Rwenzori for Café Pap,” said Ms. Kamuli.

Ms. Kamuli said Kalungi wrongly suspected her to be a one Sophie Nassuna, a Makerere University student who was seeing the MP’s husband.

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