“Katumba Is A True Definition Of Sisimuka UG”-Gashumba Praises Youthful Presidential Candidate

“Katumba Is A True Definition Of Sisimuka UG”-Gashumba Praises Youthful Presidential Candidate

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The youthful presidential aspirant John Katumba is among those endorsed and secured support from city socialite and motivational speaker Frank Malingumu Gashumba who has since vowed to support him till the last vote.

Gashumba the CEO Sisimuka Uganda an NGO focusing to empower youth and highlighting their future, revealed this during his meeting with Katumba whom he praised that if Uganda’s youth all believed in themselves, the nation would be far.

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Gashumba later released a statement on the matter stating;

“We launched Sisimuka Uganda in 2011, with our main focus being to create mindset change, self-belief, transforming lives and communities.

If Mr. Katumba can manage to secure signatures from all over the country at the age of 24, that’s already a victory for him in my opinion.

The setbacks gotten on his nomination day are what any successful person has encountered.

To you the youth, don’t concentrate on the setbacks: concentrate on your journey and the goals you set out to achieve.

There will never be a conducive environment to start no matter what, start!

Do you know that both Microsoft and Google, the search engine, were started in a garage? Facebook in a dormitory and Barack Obama’s presidential journey started on a balcony. So every star you see has been an amateur at some point in their journey.

Congratulations John Katumba. To me, you are already a winner.

To the youth who call Katumba a comedian, how many of you have ever toured the village where you live? This purported comedian endeavoured to secure signatures from all corners of Uganda and after his nomination, he has so far covered over 10 districts on his campaign trail. So to everyone referring to him as a comedian, you are the comedian my friend!

We as a nation need to know that everyone has the constitutional right to support a candidate of their choice and someone not having a candidate of choice similar to yours isn’t reason enough to dismiss theirs.

As Sisimuka Uganda, we have contributed some little money towards his movements. If Katumba inspires you, kindly contribute to his goals and dreams 0778849457 registered in the name Katumba John.”

About Sisimuka Uganda

Sisimuka Uganda was established in 2011 as an effort to promote and direct social, economic, and environmental change in Uganda through social activism.

As one of the nation’s premier civil society organizations, Sisimuka is dedicated to helping people in need throughout Uganda and, in association with other organizations, throughout the world. The organization depends on various contributions from the Ugandan public and foreign donations to support our lifesaving services and programs.

Its persuasion as an organization is that of a non-violent player firmly glued to the belief that once the people are armed with correct and relevant information, they will determine their destiny no matter how long it takes. Provision of relevant and adequate information to the public is the main pre-occupation of Sisimuka.

All outreach communication channels including social media that can deliver information to professionals, labourers, farmers, traders, students, industrialists, merchants, civil society workers, politicians, and other categories of people are employed.

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