‘MUK Student Was Killed By Mob, Not LDU’- Police Speaks Out On Murdered Bobi Wine Supporter

‘MUK Student Was Killed By Mob, Not LDU’- Police Speaks Out On Murdered Bobi Wine Supporter

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By Spy Uganda

The Uganda Police have denied allegation that Local Defence Unit (LDU) operatives last Sunday beat a Makerere University students and inflicted wounds on his body that later caused his death.

Emmanuel Tegu, who was a third year Veterinary student at Makerere University, was rushed to Mulago Hospital in  critical condition after sustaining grave injuries and a few hours after admission he died   before giving his side of the story.

What some Ugandans tweeted after Emmanuel Tegu’s death

Shortly after his death, rumours started spreading on social media that  he had been clobbered  by LDUs after he expressed his support for People Power leader and 2021 presidential Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.   

However, the Police have since denied allegations that he was beaten by the LDU, saying they  only rushed Tegu to Mulago Hospital after officers responded to alert calls that a mob was roughing him up near Lumumba Hall in Makerere University.

A poster shared online by People Power supporters

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said  they (police) found an unidentified man lying unconscious with several injuries and rushed him to Mulago Hospital for medical attention since he couldn’t record a statement at the time.

Onyango said that “Statements have been recorded from the police officers, who responded to the distress call and other witnesses as inquiries into the homicide continue.”

Gone Too Soon: Emmanuel Tegu at Makerere University (RIP)

He also dismissed reports that the deceased was beaten by LDU officers, noting that security at the university is being managed by Police and private security firms.

It should be noted that despite the death of one of their students, it is now a week but the management of Makerere University has either ignored or neglected the matter, after refusing to issue an official statement about Tegu’s murder.

The incident has however left very many concerned parents wondering what Tegu was doing at Makerere University and how a mob attacked him from the institution yet President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced the closure of all universities, schools and tertiary institutions as one of the measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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