Pepsi PR Guru Kakuru Eulogises Murdered IHK Nurse As Police Continue Hunt For Killer Hubby

Pepsi PR Guru Kakuru Eulogises Murdered IHK Nurse As Police Continue Hunt For Killer Hubby an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

City Public Relations (PR) guru Tracy Kakuru Nkwanzee, who is the Head of Communications at Pepsi Uganda, has issued a touching eulogy for Viola Kakai, the IHK Hospital nurse who was murdered by her husband on Saturday night.

Kakai, who had been working with IHK for several years and was known to several people within Kampala and beyond, was hacked to death by her husband only identified as Simon, who butchered her using axe, after accusing her of allegedly cheating on him with another man.

In her heartfelt eulogy, Kakuru wrote of late Kakai thus;

“As a first time Mum in 2017 with excessive anxiety, I was introduced to a midwife/nurse from IHK 2 weeks after my Son was born. She worked shifts at the hospital and had a weekly day/night schedule to help  me out at home, she was a God send.

I loved that she was so calm, so skilled, so gentle so confident in the help she offered me. I learnt sooo much from her that I never had postpartum anxiety with my 2nd son. We talked a lot about our children, motherhood and life in the middle of the night (feeding sessions.) I watched her work day shift at IHK, night shift with me and another day shift at IHK ( she did that countless times) and I was always amazed. She loved her children so much, it’s all we talked about. She was tragically killed by her husband on Saturday. I’m extremely devastated. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m praying for your babies. Her name is Violet ‘Viola’ Kakai. RIP.#EndDomestic Violence.”

Tracy Kakuru’s eulogy for Viola Kakai

Meanwhile, we have since learnt that the police have not yet arrested Kakai’s murderous husband Simon, who fled into hiding shortly after chopping her into pieces.

However, Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Spokesperson, revealed that the killer will be arraigned in court and charged with murder as soon as he is apprehended.

We shall keep you posted about the developments. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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