Prominent Fashionista Sylvia Owori Appointed Director Operation Wealth Creation

Prominent Fashionista Sylvia Owori Appointed Director Operation Wealth Creation an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: Uganda’s famous fashion designer, wealthiest businesswoman, political lobbyist and entrepreneur dubbed Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Zipa Modeling Agency Ms,Sylvia Owori has been appointed to the position of Director of Operations at the Operation Wealth Creation, which is led by President Museveni’s brother Gen.Salim Saleh.

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The appointment was announced on Friday, December 1st, 2020 which was a promotion for her.

Upon her promotion, she thanked President Museveni and her boss, Gen Salim Saleh for believing in her and recognizing her abilities, talents and skills to lead and coordinate operations at the OWC which are key to transforming the socio-economic make up of Uganda.

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“They (Museveni and Saleh) have nurtured many of these attributes that have gotten me here; I couldn’t have asked for better mentors,” said Owori.

“I thank them and the whole OWC fraternity for entrusting me with these additional responsibilities and duties in such a position in order to contribute to the betterment of our nation,” she added.

Owori further noted that she is aware of the various challenges ahead and ready to face them with the same vigor as she has over the years been dealing with them.

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She added, “Im counting on the full support of my seniors, colleagues, all our stakeholders and most importantly the guidance and grace of God to enable me execute my duties in my new position in order to contribute to sustainable job and wealth creation in Uganda.”

To women, Owori lectured, “To my ladies out there, please note there is nowhere hard work, the right attitude and courage, discipline, willingness for constant self-improvement and of course faithfulness to God will not get you. Not even the proverbial Big table with the big boys or cracking glass ceiling should be out of reach for you. The saying that believe in yourself and God, never ever gets old.”

Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) was launched by H.E the President in July 2013 as an intervention to efficiently facilitate national socio-economic transformation, with a focus on raising household incomes and wealth creation by transforming subsistence farmers into commercial farmers to end poverty under the following objectives;

i) To mobilize the masses to engage in commercial agricultural activities to boost household incomes;
ii) To distribute production inputs equitably and timely to boost production and productivity at household level;
iii) To facilitate rural technological upgrading to allow smallholder farmers to transform themselves into small-scale industrialists;
iv) To stimulate local and community enterprise development across the country; and
v) To facilitate infrastructure development particularly in rural areas.
vi) To empower the 68% of the population outside the money economy. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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