Property War: Jeff Kiwa Vows To Evict Sheebah Karungi From Munyonyo Mansion

Property War: Jeff Kiwa Vows To Evict Sheebah Karungi From Munyonyo Mansion an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

A bloody war is raging on between  celebrated singer Sheebah Karungi and her  ex-manager Jeff Kiwanuka, the boss of Team No Sleep (TNS) music label.

Our Spies reveal that  ever since Sheebah left TNS last month, she has been involved in bitter beef with Jeff Kiwa,  who started by assuring her that she cannot perform  any of the songs  she recorded under TNS,  because they are copyrighted property.

Now the latest from our Spies is that Jeff Kiwa  wants Sheebah out of the Munyonyo mansion which she claims rightly belongs to her.

However,  Jeff insists, according to sources, that the mansion is property of  TNS as a company and that if Sheebah really owns it she should parade the titles of ownership.

Sheebah Karungi looking sexy

Although Sheebah claims full ownership of the house and her music, Kiwa claims to have copyrighted everything that has Sheebah’s name as a TNS property, meaning that all Sheebah’s songs that were recorded under TNS, the mansion and everything achieved, all belongs to Kiwa’s TNS.

It is said that Kiwa also claims that the brand ‘Sheebah’ belongs to TNS and that actually Sheebah should look for another name to use to promote her music or pay  TNS for copyrights to use their name.

Sheebah and Kiwa’s breakup started making rounds last week when she released her latest project ‘Ekyama’ without giving a salutation to TNS as she used to do in her songs. She later announced her own music label called Sheebah Establishment Ltd.

It was alleged that Sheebah was working closely with a new management called SC Events and Management to help her push her music career.

Aerial View of Sheebah’s Mansion

However, observers contend that Jeff Kiwa is headed for a bitter property war with Sheebah, the kind he got involved a few years back with fallen singer Moses Sekigobo aka Mowzey Radio and Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel of the Goodlyfe crew.

Kiwa  battled Radio and  Weasel for years over their Neverland Mansion in Makindye-Kizungu which he claimed to co-own with them, although he was later finally kicked out of the property. an accessible web community

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