Sheema District Khadi  Calls For Unity Among Moslems.

Sheema District Khadi  Calls For Unity Among Moslems. an accessible web community

Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: Sheikh Kamara Abdumajidu, the Sheema district Khad,  has asked Muslims s to unite together for a common goal.

Kamara made these remarks during  Eid El-Fitr prayers at Kabwohe Moslem playground this morning. He said that “A wolf attacks and eats scattered goats. Likewise to us Moslems, we shall have given a thorough pass to enemies if we develop differences among us. I ask you to remain calm and united, such that if an enemy comes, we fight him or her together and you should be fearless to every enemy.”  Sheikh Kamara also advised Muslims on how they should behave outside the mosque.

Sheikh Kamara

“My people, the fasting period we have been in is like charging a phone battery to keep on using it when it’s full. I tell you that we have been fetching blessings and favours from Allah. Therefore, I humbly request you to keep the same morals you have been exercising during the fasting period, share with your brothers and sisters, relatives, friends and the needy, dress neatly like a Muslim and behave like a Holy Muslim. Use your battery sparingly such that it can reach the next fasting period.” Sheikh  noted.

Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire

Hon. Jacklet Rwabukurukuru Atuhaire, the  Woman MP Sheema district, thanked Muslims for the good heart of sharing and loving believers of other religions, saying that the heart of sharing is for the few, but Muslims try to share with other religions. She asked them to continue with the parental heart of proper upbringing children. She said that “A Muslim girl is ever unique not only in dressing but also in behavior.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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