Sheema Residents Set Councillor’s Car Ablaze

Sheema Residents Set Councillor’s Car Ablaze an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire    

Sheema: Sheema Central Police Station is investigating and hunting down people who allegedly burnt Councillor Matsiko Allan’s car that was found parked in his home Kyekunga village, Kyagaaju ward in Sheema municipality.

According to Tukahiirwa Charles CID Sheema Police Station, Last night unknown strangers used mulches from Allan and neighbor’s banana plantations to lit fire starting from the hind (boot) of the vehicle leaving it in an ash state.

However, Mr. Matsiko Allan the victim, he woke up early morning at 6am to ease himself only to find all his house doors locked outside a trick used by strangers to uninterruptedly burn his vehicle.

“I woke up early morning to watch news on TV, I felt like easing myself only to see a lot of smoke coming from outside, when I tried to open the doors, all of them were locked from outside yet we had locked from inside” Allan said.

He adds that after wards, he raised a phone call to the area GISO who was accompanied by neighbors and opened for them, However reaching to the garage they found the car was being caught by fire which they put off although some components had perished.

Councillor Allan says suspects might be residents of Kyagaaju ward whom he had beef with in the past days, However, he asked police not to arrest any suspect saying that it’s God who will reward them.

“My car has always been used by residents as an ambulance therefore police should not arrest any suspect it’s God who will reward those who were behind the act. Allan said.

Such acts in Kyagaaju ward, Sheema district are common remembering the previous incident where residents of the area buried their fellow residents and after planted beans and bananas on them.

By the time we filled this article, OC Kabwohe Central Police Station Mr. Niragire Steven said that they have started investigations and they are to start with those who previously wrote on social media against Matsiko’s car. an accessible web community

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